The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 640

Chapter 640: This Is Strange!

There were more students in Ziyun class then the Liuyun class in Tianju Hall. They were classified into a total of nine classes. There were three classes allocated for newcomers, three classes for intermediate students, and three classes for the advanced students.

Usually, the newbies would need to go through a three-year primary program to enter the intermediate class. Then, it would take them another four years to enter the advanced class. Of course, the elite students with outstanding performance would be eligible to enter the intermediate or advanced class directly. For example, Yan Chen was a rare genius among the elite students. He was already the top student in the advanced class after only three years.

The Liuyun class was designed for the students who failed Tianju Hall's primary program. It was also for the students who barely achieved level six of spiritual power or were talented but were not yet qualified to enter the Ziyun class. However, there were not many of these students. Thus, there was only one Liuyun class.

Given the history of these classes, it was considered very good when Gu Xijiu and her buddies could stand at the top of the Liuyun class. However, they were only the best among the worst, so it was not exactly a miracle in Tianju Hall.

Also, it did not mean they could defeat the weakest team in the Ziyun class. Thus, it was not easy for Gu Xijiu and her team to win the battle and they definitely needed more training together. Every night between 7 pm to 9 pm was their practice session. They would gather somewhere abandoned behind the hill to practice together.

This night, Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu did not see the little girl come during their scheduled time. Gu Xijiu was wondering what happened as the little girl was usually the first one to arrive.

In the current world, there was no mobile phone to contact each other. However, Gu Xijiu had a solution and called on the mussel who was acting as their security guard to detect the little girl.

The mussel quickly drilled into the ground and then reported to Gu Xijiu a while later, "She is fighting with someone on the hill about five kilometers away from here!"

What? This is strange! Gu Xijiu immediately teleported over there.

"Xijiu, wait for me!" Qian Lingyu was annoyed and immediately followed her.


"How could you defeat us with your lousy skills? We are from the Ziyun class! Stop dreaming man! I can even kill you only one finger!"

Lan Waihu fell on the ground, and her white dress was full of dirt and dust. Her hair was also very messy. Apparently, she was beaten up and did not manage to stand up again even though she tried very hard.

There was a student from the Ziyun class cursing at her. "You're as dumb as a pig! You would have been kicked out of Tianju Hall if Yan Chen didn't help you! You think you can still be here? Oh gosh! You're crying again! You must be thinking to report this to Brother Yan Chen again, right? The only thing you know is to live under his wings. You're nothing without him!"

"I'm not!" Lan Waihu cried pitifully but she did not give up.

"In fact, it's useless for you to tell him since I didn't do anything to you. At most, he would just lecture me when he finds out. However, I do really want to give you some advice. A stupid person like you should just stay in the Liuyun class and not even think of coming to the Ziyun class! You're way too lousy to join us!"

The student continued to insult Lan Waihu, but she bit her lips and remained silent.

"Come on, don't keep thinking you can boast in front of me since you've got two new buddies because both of them are also rubbish! One was kicked out from the Ziyun class, and the other is not even qualified to enter the Liuyun class! I can beat all of you at one go!"

Lan Waihu was extremely mad, "You're talking nonsense! They are powerful! You can bully me, but I won't allow you to insult them!"