The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 644

Chapter 644: The Miracle She Made

He realized he was not annoyed by her anymore, but instead admired her. She was like a kaleidoscope, and every turn created a new image. Perhaps, that was the reason The Lord recruited her?


The news that Gu Xijiu and her team would be fighting with the students from the Ziyun class had spread like wildfire around Tianju Hall, and it made everyone in the Liuyun class very excited. Finally, the students from the Liuyun class could officially challenge the students from the Ziyun class!

Even though they did not put high hopes on Gu Xijiu and her team, they were excited by the fact that they could witness a proper fight.

Initially, the students from Ziyun class did not bother to fight with them as they found it insulting. None of the newbies from the primary class were willing to accept the challenge as they did not think it was challenging enough to make them feel proud even if they defeat Gu Xijiu and her team.

However, since Gu Canmo gave the order, the three class teachers could not reject. None of them were willing to take the risk, and they all decided to draw names.

The three class teachers from the Ziyun class were annoyed by their 'fortune,' but they had no choice. They returned to their classes and finally found that they had selected the worst team to take on the challenge.

That was the first battle between Gu Xijiu and the students from Ziyun class after she joined the Tianju Hall more than a month and a half ago.

Initially, the teachers from the Ziyun classes did not really care about the challenge, and they thought Gu Canmo had nothing better to do. Hence, he arranged this battle. They decided to select a few lousy students to take the challenge, as they imagined that it would be like watching kids at a playground.

The initial venue that was chosen was the small square used by the three classes, but Gu Canmo did not agree as he felt they should take this battle seriously. After all, the students from the Liuyun class were challenging students from the Ziyun class. This was a big event, and it had to be organized on the battle platform in Tianju Hall.

The battle platform in Tianju Hall was the equivalent of the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing; it was only used for grand competitions.

All the teachers felt that Gu Canmo had gone insane and lost his mind after all his punishment. Gu Canmo was still the highest authority in Tianju Hall, hence, the teachers could not disobey his order even though they were not happy with his decision. Therefore, they unwillingly accepted everything.

However, they did try to protest by arranging a few critical lessons on the day of the battle so that the students could not watch the game. The students in the Liuyun class decided not to watch the game as they were worried Gu Xijiu and her team might get badly defeated. They did not want to make Gu Xijiu feel bad. Therefore, only a few people turned up to watch the game.

The audience was relatively quiet to the point where the wind could pass easily from one end to the other.

Teacher Meng from the three classes was sitting on the judge's seat together with Gu Canmo. He asked Gu Canmo softly as he saw the quiet scene, "Sir, are you trying to rebuild your image in front of The Lord by arranging this?"

Gu Canmo was still thrifty with his words and replied, "Nonsense!"