The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 646

Chapter 646: Great Victory 2

She could not believe her own eyes, so she decided to discuss with Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, they are the best among the three classes! What if what if we lose?"

There was a mere trace of a smile in Gu Xijiu's eyes. She replied back to her, "I saw them coming. Do you remember the tactics that I have taught you earlier on?"

"I remember!"

"Good! Do not worry, just do according to what we have practiced earlier and do your best; I will take care of the rest!"


Qian Lingyu was not worried at all. He was thrilled.

The opponents had sent their strongest lineup. The fight was already a glory to them, regardless of the result.

Moreover, Gu Xijiu had already told him about the lineup that they would be facing today, so they had already prepared their strategies in advance. They still had a great chance of winning.

Since their last appearance, Gu Canmo had been really pleased. He specially gifted a training room to the three of them.

The location of the training room was mysterious. Hence, only three of them could enter the place. As for the rest of the students, they could not even reach for the door.

For the past three days, the people from the Tianju Hall had been inquisitive about their tactics but had no idea how to observe their practice. They had no way to predict what would happen.

There were too few onlookers during the last fight. None of them could truly understand the strength of their moves. As a real master, Gu Canmo carefully avoided mentioning their tactics to anyone. As for Teacher Meng, he was able to grasp an inkling of their strategy, but Gu Canmo patted on his shoulder to remind him, "You won't work out a tactical plan to guide the students for the next fight, will you? It is unfair. I think you should let them freely express themselves in the fight."

Therefore, he could only be tight-mouthed and not say a word to the students about Gu Xijiu's tactics. He only asked them to prepare well so they would not make a fool of themselves.

The students felt terrible that they missed the chance to witness the earlier fight. Hence, all of them turned up this time and patiently waited for the fight to begin.

In the beginning, Lan Waihu utilized her sword to release a channel of greenish water waves. Gu Xijiu followed her move and launched a typhoon tactic against their opponents. In a split second, the splashes of water turned into giant waves under the influence of the strong winds.

The opponents were not bad either. They launched a layer of Cob Wall to hinder the water attack. The other two launched Gold Power and Fire Power respectively to attack against Gu Xijiu.

Qian Lingyu launched his power into a giant fireball to intercept the Fire Power from the opponent, but he could do nothing to stop the incoming Gold Power attack in the form of a sword. It seemed like it was going to slash Lan Waihu who was taking the lead. Gu Xijiu quickly shouted, "Two!"

She did not move her right hand, but using just her left, she launched a layer of Water Wall to counter the attack of the sword. The sword completely lost its power.

As Gold could integrate with Water, the sword was not able to cut through the Water Wall. Instead, the wall was further reinforced by it.

Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu immediately shifted their positions in their formation. Qian Lingyu launched tendrils of vines to loosen up the opponent's Cob Wall. The wall was shattered into pieces. Gu Xijiu used her Wind-Splitting tactic to team up with Qian Lingyu's Fireball and launched their second attack.

All six of them launched their attacks at full speed in the arena. Their moves were extremely swift.

Gu Xijiu was the fastest among them, and she had the sharpest eyes. She could always see what the opponent was beginning to do and then remind Lan Waihu to counter the attacks accordingly. Moreover, she fully cooperated with Qian Lingyu and kept changing their formations from time to time.

The onlookers were taken by surprise as it looked like Lan Waihu had completely transformed into a new person. She never stopped launching her attacks, one after another. She even knew how to fight with both hands and to launch two different attacks simultaneously. She was not usually like this.