The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Di Fuyi Refused To Obey

They started to study the trio's tactics and found their own partners to practice with. They occasionally sparred against one another to improve themselves.

Time flew by quickly. It had already been three months. It was now early autumn. Clouds were floating in the skies next to the crescent moon, setting each other off.

Gu Xijiu was not the kind of person who would convey a sense of melancholy in the winds or under the moonlight. The melancholy was for the poets who preferred romantic themes. She was only there to reflect on herself.

She felt that her attention towards something had always been undivided. For instance, she liked a celebrity at the age of 12, and she had been feeling the same way for him ever since.

No matter how he looked like, a handsome youth in his springtime or an uncle in his middle age, she still liked him, even after she had entered the training camp for assassins.

She would collect a few of his posters each year. She never ceased to like him from when he was 26 with a clean, smooth face until he was 36 with the face full of hair after going through thick and thin in his life.

She had been fond of Long Xi ever since she was 18. She felt that he was the kind of person that she liked and was the one whom she would be spending her life with. Therefore, she started to gradually seek for his attention. She even had a solid plan in mind for her to follow through accordingly.

The plan had been ongoing for five years, and she almost did it. Only when she was about to die did she finally realize that Long Xi had another plan for her as well.

The difference was that she planned to make him her husband and he planned to take her perfect heart instead.

When she came to this world, she was determined to make a clean break with her past. She would never have thought she was going to find another man named Long Siye who had a different appearance and personality but possessed the same memory as Long Xi. He even became entangled with her.

He was, after all, someone whom she had been fond of for so long and had been so undivided in her affection for him. She thought she would never be able to forget him.

She did not know when the feeling started to fade away, but she had somehow let him go, as she no longer thought about him so often. Even when she did, she did not feel so angry anymore.

She did not know when she started to have feelings for Di Fuyi. She liked to hear news about him. Her heart pounded in her chest every time someone mentioned his name. But just when she thought that she might have liked Di Fuyi, she met The Lord.

To her surprise, she started to feel something for The Lord, too. It was not as much as what she had felt for Di Fuyi, but whenever someone mentioned The Lord, her heartbeat hastened.

Gu Xijiu rubbed the little space between her eyebrows. She was not someone who was unfaithful, how could she like two different men at the same time? Was there something wrong with this body?

Or was she someone whose actually unfaithful deep down inside? At the thought of Di Fuyi, she could not help to think of the dream that she had last night. The dream was absurd and weird.

Surprisingly, she dreamed that The Lord had called Di Fuyi over. The Lord then told him that he allowed Gu Xijiu to marry him, but she needed to have his flagon as her engagement gift.

However, the Di Fuyi in her dream seemed to refuse to obey and held onto the flagon tightly. He even said that he would guard the flagon with his life and that he would rather hold on to the flagon than a bride. She finally woke up after he struck her with lightning.

Honestly, it had been months since she last saw Di Fuyi. She had only heard occasional news from her classmates about him.