The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 649

Chapter 649: She Had Embarrassed Herself This Time

She knew that his whereabouts were still a mystery. He had only made his appearance once in the Feixing Kingdom over the past few months. That was already two months ago.

She heard that it was because of a dispute that he had with Celestial Master You and Tian Jiyue. They had even fought with each other, but none of them had benefited from the fight. Tian Jiyue was severely injured, so he shut his door and declined to see any visitors.

Di Fuyi was allegedly injured, too. He had been making his recovery in Fucang Hall and never came out.

When she heard that he was injured, she could feel her heart shatter a little. She had a strong urge to go and visit him.

Just when she was contemplating whether to turn her urge into action, Mu Feng suddenly arrived and said that Celestial Master Zuo had requested to see Yun Qingluo.

When Mu Feng arrived, Gu Xijiu was studying her opponent's tactics in the training room with Qian Lingyu and Lan Waihu, so she did not see him coming. When she finally heard about it, Yun Qingluo had already left with Mu Feng a few hours ago.

Yun Qingluo had made a good recovery over the past few months. Her power had almost been restored to its fullest strength. She bid farewell to her classmates before she left.

Gu Xijiu heard about the heated discussion among her classmates when she came out of the training room. They were talking about how Celestial Master Zuo had been treating the heaven's gifted disciple differently from the rest. Perhaps it was true that only people with equal rank were able to marry one another.

Someone had even brought up the rumors between Celestial Master Zuo and Yun Qingluo that they had heard of before. Celestial Master Zuo was said to be fond of Yun Qingluo, but due to his engagement with Gu Xijiu, he could not fully express himself.

However, since the engagement between Celestial Master Zuo and Gu Xijiu had broken off, maybe he felt that it was time to confess his feelings to Yun Qingluo.

There were even some speculations suggesting that by the time Yun Qingluo was back, she could already be the wife of Celestial Master Zuo.

The discussions were so heated, and Gu Xijiu had unfortunately been involved in the gossips due to her past involvement in their engagement.

There was even some well-informed news from some unknown sources saying that Gu Xijiu once had a dispute with Yun Qingluo over Di Fuyi and that Gu Xijiu had even shamelessly boasted that she wanted to fight Yun Qingluo in a fair competition. Therefore, they all felt that Gu Xijiu had indeed embarrassed herself this time.

Recently, Gu Xijiu had always been in the limelight of Tianju Hall. Although she had made a lot of friends, she had also caused a lot of people to be jealous of her.

People were always jealous when others succeeded. Rumors and slanders would always come to those who were standing in the limelight. Therefore, they indulged in elaborating on her rumors. Some preferred to make fun of her behind her back.

Certainly, they would not dare to gossip about her openly and brazenly as she had been making more and more friends lately. They would hold back a little when they talked about her. Some would even sigh for her situation.

Gu Xijiu had always been numb about her own rumors, so she did not care much about those gossips that were spread behind her back.

However, those gossips had somehow spread to Qian Lingyu, so he was very careful with his choice of words when talking to her. He even tried to say a few words to comfort her. She had kicked his ass a few times already for that.

As for the rumors between Celestial Master Zuo and Yun Qingluo, she did not quite believe in them as rumors could always distort the truth by confusing the facts. The credibility was too low.

She tried to recall what she had seen for herself about Di Fuyi's attitude towards Yun Qingluo. He seemed to treat her simply as a friend. However, it was a little odd for him to make a special trip just to pick Yun Qingluo up when he was injured.

Gu Xijiu had spent some time in Fucang Hall before, so she knew that there was no shortage of female servants. There should be enough people to take care of Di Fuyi.