The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Damn, She Really Was Not Heartbroken!

Yan Chen was speechless.

It was rare for him not to answer.

He seldom said so much at one go. It seemed like he really thought she was heartbroken and wanted to comfort her.

She clicked her tongue. His words of comfort did not seem to be working well.

Gu Xijiu took a look at him and was determined to get some information out of him while he was feeling soft-hearted, "By the way, do you know about the common tactics that Yun Qingluo and her team usually use? What kind of elements? Come and tell me about it. I need these things to get myself distracted by such thoughts."

Yan Chen did not say anything.

He really was speechless, but he could finally be rest assured at the thought that Gu Xijiu was really there to study her strategy.

"As one of the members of the judging panel, I will not leak any secrets regarding any competing teams," said Yan Chen in all seriousness and sternness.

Gu Xijiu answered with a groan but was not surprised. Yan Chen had always been fair and square in his work. Otherwise, they would not have let a student become one of the judges for the competition.

Yan Chen took a look at the side of her face and thought to himself. He then said softly, "Gu Xijiu, I think that even without the name of The Lord, you are still capable of traveling around the world on your own."

Gu Xijiu laughed a little and said, "Of course."

Actually, she would only use The Lord's name when she was trying to annoy people and make them go away. Other than that, she relied entirely on her own capability.

Moreover, ever since The Lord was gone, she did not mention a word about him in front of the people, like what Messenger Jiangshan had told her to.

Yan Chen was silent for a few moments. Baffled, he then looked at Gu Xijiu again and said, "Gu Xijiu, you are actually quite attractive, with good looks, great skills, and an awesome personality. From what I know, there are some students in Tianju Hall who are actually fond of you."

"So?" Gu Xijiu raised her brow. Yan Chen seldom said anything good about her. This time, he even praised her with many good words.

"So even if Celestial Master Zuo moved on and became attracted to someone else, there is no need for you to be heartbroken. There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Damn, it was never ending!

She was absolutely fine, but what these people kept saying about her was indeed driving her crazy.

Was her forehead stamped with a sign that said 'grudge'?

Damn, she really was not heartbroken!

When Gu Xijiu got really furious, the consequences would be very serious.

Without hesitating, she did not wait for him to finish his sentence before kicking him down the cliffs.

Yan Chen had never expected to get himself into trouble by trying to give someone else some words of comfort. The lady hit him too quickly and he was not prepared for the kick at all. When he finally had a grasp of what was happening, he was already flying down the cliffs like a fallen meteor.

He was really annoyed. With his Kung Fu, he would not really fall from the cliffs. Five minutes into free falling, he flew himself up and landed safely on the ground. He saw that Gu Xijiu was still there, standing not far away from him. She was looking at him with a smiling face.

"You You did not teleport and run away" Yan Chen was intensely furious. However, it was odd to see Gu Xijiu standing there. She did not seem to worry that he would actually punch her.

"Yan Chen, I am Sorry, I did not mean to kick you off the cliffs," said Gu Xijiu, smilingly.

Yan Chen did not know what to say to her. She was obviously doing it on purpose.

"Yan Chen, do not take revenge on us three days later because of the kick, please remember that. Alright, see you soon." She turned around and teleported smoothly.

Yan Chen could not help but rub the spot between his eyebrows. The lady was indeed making him feel speechless.

However, seeing her so active and lively, she really did not seem like a broken-hearted girl.

It was midnight on the seventh of July in Changsheng Palace.

Gu Xijiu's birthday in her previous life was on the seventh of July, but no one was aware.