The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 655

Chapter 655: It Was Always Her Who Came Knocking At His Door

After all, anyone from Tianju Hall was capable of getting rid of them.

Therefore, the residents here lived a prosperous and comfortable life. Their lives were generally more fulfilled.

Although the buildings here were incomparable to the ones in the capital, they were unique in their own way. They were all with white walls and green, square roofs. On top of that, the white walls were all painted in a simple and an unadorned manner. It was a unique style.

The town was small yet complete. The streets were accessible in all directions. The main street, Qingshi Street, was filled with rows and rows of houses arranged in a close order. There was a continuous flow of people coming and going. The town was in a very crowded state.

She reckoned on her fingers. It had almost been a year since she came into this world, but she had not always been able to be this free from restraint.

She walked on the street alone, looking at the lanterns that were hung at the sides, the flags that were waving and the traffic of people of great diversity. She could finally calm down.

She wanted to indulge in a scrumptious meal at Fairy Guest Restaurant, as the restaurant was famous for its impressive culinary. She had heard about it in Tianju Hall.

Although she had earned a lot of spiritual stones in Tianju Hall, her spending was also relatively huge. Recently, she often brought dishes from Ziyun class to the mussel and the rest of them. The mussel was indeed a big eater. It would cost her more than a thousand spiritual stones just to feed it well for one meal.

It would be better to spend her own money, as she had some silvers with her. The amount was enough to feed the mussel with an abundance of good food.

However, now that she was in town, she changed her mind and decided to take a walk around.

It was Valentine's Day. The people around her were couples of young men and women who dressed up vibrantly. It was a very eye-catching scene.

The culture here was rather open. Many men and women showed their affection to each other as they walked hand-in-hand.

On this day, the men were unusually gentle, as they bought accessories for their ladies and talked to them in a soft, whisper-like manner. Their affection was enough to make all the single ones jealous.

Gu Xijiu honestly felt that it was a crime for them to show off their public display of affection in front of all the people who were still single.

It reminded her of her previous life. Since the day she fell for Long Xi, as long as she had no mission to undertake, she would always see him every Valentine's Day. She would take him out to have some fun, watch a movie and see the fireworks.

Long Xi had no choice but to follow her. He once said that she did not look like an assassin, more like an ordinary little girl.

Gu Xijiu put on a faint smile and sneered at herself. She laughed at her own self for being so obtuse back then.

That time, it was possible that he and Ye Hongfeng had already been engaged to each other. It was merely a show for him to be with her. The one that he always wanted to spend Valentine's Day with must have been Ye Hongfeng. It was such a shame that she knew nothing about it.

It was no wonder that he would not come and look for her on such occasions. It was always her who came knocking at his door.

Thinking of herself, she was such a fool. She thought that it had always been his personality for being so cold and passive, little did she know that he was actually reluctant.

She laughed and called herself a fool.

Women who had fallen in love were all fools, including herself.

Fortunately, she would only allow herself to make such a foolish mistake once. There would be no next time.

"Mister, please buy a flower pin from me for your lover. You look so handsome, you must have a beautiful lady who accompanies you by your side," said a vendor who sold accessories.

For the sake of convenience, Gu Xijiu had changed into menswear when she headed out. Certainly, she had also changed a little of her appearance. For example, she had straightened her brows and contoured the shape of her nose. With a little transformation, she had changed her beautiful face into the look of a handsome young man.

Her makeup skills were extraordinary, so it was hard for the vendor to see beyond her look. The vendor was good at business development, as he knew exactly what to say to please the customers.