The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 656

Chapter 656: That Was How It Was

Although she was not a real man, she really fancied the flower pin. She bought it and continued to look at other accessories that were displayed in the stall.

A jade pendant caught her eye.

All the accessories were not of superior quality. Most of the materials were simply average, but they all looked very delicate.

The color of the jade pendant was not really good. The material was just normal. However, the jade pendant looked somewhat interesting and rare. The jade was red in color and it resembled the eye of a fox.

The shape looked like the fox eye strapped on Celestial Master Zuo's forehead.

It was certain that the jade pendant was incomparable to the strap in terms of color and handcrafted quality. If the strap were to be a diamond, then this jade pendant would only be a glass in comparison.

Gu Xijiu took out the jade pendant to have a closer look. She noticed more differences.

Both of them were the fox's eyes. The one on Celestial Master Zuo's forehead would shimmer in different intensities of light even with the slightest shift of angle. It was so attractive. As for the one she was holding, it was more like a stunned fox's eye that was unable to react.

"Mister, this is an original Fox's Eye Jade Pendant." She readily bought the flower pin, so the vendor thought she must be a big spender and thus tried to get more sales out of her. "With this as an accessory, it will definitely complement your good looks. You can attract all the eyes of the ladies.'

How could a Fox's Eye Jade Pendant attract the eyes of the ladies?

There seemed to be some overtones in his words. Gu Xijiu observed the jade pendant as she continued to engage in conversation with the vendor. From the vendor, she found out that it was not just the Fox's Eye Jade Pendant that was selling fast, everything else, including the Fox's Eye Belt and the Fox's Eye Hat, that was selling fast as well. The ladies liked it.

The vendor tried to secretly explain the situation to her, "Do you know the reason why all the ladies prefer the fox's eye? It is because of Celestial Master Zuo. You know, Celestial Master Zuo is the ideal lover for all the ladies. However, there is only one Celestial Master Zuo. He is too superior and far beyond one's reach, so ordinary ladies would not dare to think twice about him. It will be good for you to wear the accessory of what the man of their dream is wearing. If you wear this, they will definitely like it. This accessory has been trendy for a few years! You can wear it as long as you like, it will not fall out of trend."

That was how it was.

Gu Xijiu took another look at the jade pendant that she was holding, "I see that the jade pendant is not exactly like the one that Celestial Master Zuo has. The shape is far from the same."

The vendor rubbed his hands and laughed, "Of course you do not know about this. Due to Celestial Master Zuo's status, even if everyone tries to imitate the things that he is wearing, it will not be exactly the same; only the silhouette will. If it were to be exactly the same, it would be a disrespect to him."

Gu Xijiu put down the jade pendant and smiled as she said, "I do not like it." Then, she left.

She did not seem to care for the original one, let alone the fake one.

As she walked, she observed the accessories of which the men were wearing. From time to time, she would see some of them wearing the Fox's Eye accessory. Obviously, there were some differences in the jade, some were good and others were bad. The shape of the eye also differed from one another. Some were already distorted from the shape of a fox's eye into the shape of a cat's eye.

She walked past a jade accessory shop and looked inside. She saw some familiar faces.

She saw Yan Chen and Lan Waihu.

Both of them were not wearing the student's uniform from Tianju Hall. Yan Chen was wearing a robe of faint blue color with a long sword attached to the waist. With his long hair tied up, he appeared to look more handsome with a bright complexion. His appearance looked somewhat like the character known as the disciple of Shushan in Legend of Sword and Fairy. His temperament reminded her of the handsome, young men like all movie characters. She was moved.