The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 657

Chapter 657: I Like It

Lan Waihu, who was standing next to him, was wearing a light pink dress. She dressed herself up in shades of pale colors and appeared to be as adorable as a porcelain doll.

Their appearances were unconventionally beautiful. Although there was a big crowd in the shop, Gu Xijiu could still find them immediately.

Lan Waihu was holding a Fox's Eye Jade Pendant in her hand and showed it to Yan Chen, "Brother Yan Chen, what do you think of this jade pendant?"

Yan Chen took a brief look and said nonchalantly, "Not bad."

Lan Waihu smiled with her eyes closed, "I will take this one, please wrap it up for me."

Just when Yan Chen was about to take out his money, Lan Waihu stopped him and said smilingly, "I am buying it, so you do not have to pay."

Yan Chen seemed surprised but agreed with her.

The boss handed Lan Waihu with the wrapped jade pendant and complimented her, "Miss, you have good eyes, he will definitely look good with the pendant if you give it to the man next to you."

Whilst Lan Waihu put the jade pendant away into her bag, she looked back with her eyes brightly open, "I am not giving it to him."

The boss was speechless for a moment.

Yan Chen was stunned for a while. He composed himself and asked, "Who are you giving it to?"

"Qian Lingyu," answered Lan Waihu, without hesitation.

Yan Chen did not know what to say.

It came as a great shock to Gu Xijiu who was watching this from afar.

Did she fall for Qian Lingyu? How could she not realize it as she had been spending so much time with both of them?

Yan Chen looked displeased, "Why are you giving it to him?" If it were not for him to have always been in good control of himself, he would have completely changed his countenance by now.

Lan Waihu was unaware of Yan Chen's displeasure and answered him intuitively, "He is my friend. He must be really bored in the mountains now as he is not able to see all these things. I am buying it to make him happy."

Yan Chen was lost for words.

Whilst talking, her eyes caught another jade hairpin in the display counter. She turned around and asked, "Brother Yan Chen, what about this jade hairpin?"

Yan Chen looked at it expressionlessly, "Not bad. Who are you giving it to, this time? You are not giving it to Qian Lingyu again, are you?"

"Of course not, I am giving this to Xijiu. Both of my friends will receive something, I cannot be biased to anyone. Boss, I want this too, wrap it up, wrap it up."

The boss looked at Yan Chen sympathetically as he wrapped up the jade hairpin.

As the boss of the jade accessory shop, he would definitely like to achieve more sales. Certainly, he had to remind the lady by asking her some questions, "Miss, would you like to buy something for the young man next to you? With such a handsome look, he will definitely look great in just anything. Come, come, what about this waist jade? The color is nice and the material is excellent. It suits him perfectly."

Lan Waihu took a look at Yan Chen and caught his eyes. He was looking at her impassively.

Lan Waihu shook her head, "He is here, so he can buy it himself if he likes anything. He does not need me to pay for him. Furthermore, he is richer than I am. I have spent almost all my money." She shook the purse in her hand and listened to the clinking sound of the silvers. There were not many left.

"I like it!" Yan Chen said it abruptly.

Lan Waihu blinked her eyes at him, "Ah? If you like it then you should buy it."

"I want you to buy it for me!"

Lan Waihu was astounded. She looked at him and took another look at her purse, "I do not have any money left. I remember clearly that you still have a lot of money..."

"I can lend you the money!" Yan Chen interrupted her, again.