The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Should Just Find a Man to Get Married to

"Okay, okay, I am afraid of you! Let's go." Yan Chen pulled her away.

Two of them disappeared into the crowd. Gu Xijiu who stood far away from them secretly looked at them and she was distracted for a moment.

She felt touched and happy for Lan Waihu.

Apparently, Yan Chen liked Lan Waihu, but Lan Waihu was too innocent to know that and thought that he was nice to her because they came from the same hometown.

This man was a top student and had been always a cool man. However, he pampered Lan Waihu a lot.

Although he did not sweet talk her, every action that he did for Lan Waihu was full of love and was very heart-warming.

Perhaps this was how a young couple was supposed to be.

When Gu Xijiu was a killer, she acted as a couple many times in order to complete the missions. However, she only had one serious relationship with Long Xi.

It was not even considered a relationship because none of them had ever talked about it.

She was always the proactive one when she was with Long Xi. When they quarreled, she was the first one to compromise. In her memory, she could not recall a time when Long Xi comforted her like how Yan Chen comforted Lan Waihu. She was always the one who tolerated and comforted Long Xi

Perhaps she was too strong and independent, thus Long Xi did not have the desire to comfort her.

She had never acted like a little girl in front of Long Xi. She was always strong and fearless.

Gu Xijiu had a long thought. Somehow a sentence that The Lord had mentioned to her appeared in her mind, "He would have given you the wine jug if you try to act coquettishly with him"

It seemed like The Lord was joking but it might be a fact.

The right level of softness could overcome the hardest. Gu Xijiu knew of this theory a long time ago.

Sometimes, a woman's tear was the most powerful weapon and it could reduce a seven feet high-spirited man to a servant of the woman willingly. However, Gu Xijiu could never do that.

She thought that she could try it out the next time when she met Celestial Master Zuo.

She was shocked at her own thought.

It was a crazy idea. Why would she want to try that in front of him?

This man had no relationship with her anymore. The reason she said that to Yun Qingluo last time was just to irritate her.

She had paid the price for that conversation already and regretted the words she had said.

Now everyone looked at her as though they were looking at a wicked woman.

She almost thought that she should just find a man to get married to and live a normal life happily. Perhaps it was a good idea.

Of course, this idea was only in Gu Xijiu's mind for a second.

She immediately disposed of the idea as she thought that it was quite enjoyable to live life alone.

Why should she get married to someone else?

She wondered why she had such a ridiculous idea. Would it be because today was the Chinese Valentine's Day?

Or was it because she was going to have her menstrual period so there was a hormonal change in her body?

No, this body had not matured yet. She still did not have her menstrual period until today.

When there is no menstrual period, this body was still considered the body of a child.

It was going to be her marriageable age after a few days. She would be considered as an adult after that

In this era, the age of15 years old was the marriageable age.

In the modern day, it was common even if a woman was not married at the age of 30. However, in this era, it was considered as too late if a girl was not married before the age of 18 or 19 except if she was the genius in martial art

She touched the smooth skin of her face. After all, this body was still a kid.

She tried to recall the time when she was 15 years old back in the modern day.