The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 662

Chapter 662: To Give You A Surprise

"Yeah! Let's eat!" The mussel cheered, "This time I want to savour my food!"


The Fairy Guest Restaurant was a famous restaurant in this town. It not only had an elegant environment but the food was scrumptious too. It was usually crowded and today it was fully booked.

Gu Xijiu looked at the crowd at the entrance and knew that she was wrong. She thought that she had missed dinner time in hopes that the restaurant would be less crowded. She did not expect that there would still be many customers queuing outside the restaurant.

Gu Xijiu guessed that she would need to wait for at least an hour to be her turn.

She asked the mussel, "Do you want to change the venue or take a waiting card and come back after an hour?"

The mussel was very obsessed with nice food. It insisted to wait in order to dine at this restaurant.

Gu Xijiu sighed and went to the waiter who was in charge of serving customers waiting outside and handling the waiting cards.

When the waiter looked at her and saw the mussel and the Wind Caller, he whispered and asked, "Are you Miss Gu Xijiu?"

Gu Xijiu was surprised. She raised her eyebrows, "How did you know?"

The waiter was relieved. His attitude was even more respectful, "Please come in. There is someone who has been waiting for you."

Gu Xijiu was shocked.

"Who is this person?" She casually asked.

The waiter smiled, "You will get to know soon. The customer is waiting for you on the second floor to give you a surprise."

Who was this person?

No other person could recognize her with her current appearance. Whoever that could recognize her should be someone that she was familiar with. For instance, the students and teachers from Tianju Hall. After all, the mussel and Wind Caller were the living sign of her.

She suddenly recalled someone. Could it be Qian Lingyu? It was highly possible.

After she healed him from the venomous worm, he had always said that he wanted to buy her a good meal as a token of repayment.

The meal in Tianju hall was too expensive and it only accepted spiritual stones as a payment method. Qian Lingyu was very poor in collecting spiritual stones, so he had not been able to buy her a meal. Therefore, it was possible for him to do so at this place today.

Anyway, it was good that she could have the meal immediately, so Gu Xijiu still went in with the waiter.

It was overcrowded downstairs, but it was very quiet upstairs. The waiter brought her to the staircase and did not walk forward anymore. He just smiled and asked her to go upstairs, "Miss Gu, please."

Did he actually book the whole floor? It was too pricey and it looked like it was Qian Lingyu's style to be luxurious.

Gu Xijiu walked up to the second floor. When she opened the curtain, she was stunned.

At that very moment, all the lights on the second floor were all switched off together.

She saw nothing in the sudden darkness and subconsciously wanted to brandish the sword on her waist. Suddenly there was a glowing pearl illuminating slowly in the middle of the hall.

Gu Xijiu was shocked.

What did she see?

A large birthday cake!

The birthday cake was placed on a round table with a circle of red candles surrounding the cake.

There were exactly 23 candles. At this moment, a song played with accompanying music. It was the most common song but unlikely to be heard at this place, "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you"

The voice was low and magnetic, like the sound of a cello.

Gu Xijiu stood still at the place. It was a familiar yet strange. Her peace of mind was disrupted