The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 666

Chapter 666: That Would be Many Lives...

In fact, Long Xi was very remorseful after he did that. However, Gu Xijiu had been given away and no one could tell him where she was sent to.

When he grew up, he did not stop secretly looking for Gu Xijiu. Finally, he got the news that she was sent to the assassin camp for training.

Long Xi had been quite famous in the biological science industry at the time. He had his own identity and status in the society, so his father finally did not treat him like a test product in the laboratory and let him live a normal life.

He was very intelligent. He was good in every martial art and was also very good looking. Ye Hongfeng always enjoyed playing with him so the Ye family intended to let him be their son-in-law.

The crazy scientist still needed the Ye family to continue to support him in his scientific experiments, so he did not have any objection to the marriage arrangement.

However, Long Xi had no interest in Ye Hongfeng. He was thinking about Gu Xijiu who was swapped by him, so he requested to go to the assassin camp to be a trainer. He also arranged himself to be the trainer of the class which Gu Xijiu was attending

At first, he went into the camp with guilt and thought if he could try to swap the two kids back to the original plan. However, when he went to the camp and met Gu Xijiu, he knew that it was far from possible.

Although the two kids looked exactly the same and had the same genes, because of the different living environment, both of their characters were very different.

Ye Hongfeng was brought up in a rich family and had always been a pampered child. Therefore, her personality was very submissive and nave.

On the other hand, Gu Xijiu grew up in a poor family. When she got older, she was kidnapped and sent to the killer camp. Under such a living environment, her personality was cool and realistic.

Other than bearing the exact same appearance, there was not a single similarity between the two girls and it was impossible to swap them over. Since he could not correct such a mistake anymore, he always secretly took care of Gu Xijiu. As times passed, he started to fall in love with her

Until that point of the story, Gu Xijiu, who was shocked by his story finally interrupted him, "So I was the victim of the swapping!"

"Xijiu, I am sorry!" Long Siye said sadly.

Gu Xijiu shook her head. This was too shocking and she could not accept it yet. Subconsciously, she focused the main point, "No, it is not right. Since you were guilty and you knew the truth, why didn't you tell the Ye family the truth? Since they loved their child so much, if they knew that I was their daughter, they would take me home instead of letting me stay in the assassin camp, right?"

The question she asked was very harsh. Long Siye looked down and sighed, "I am sorry!"

After Gu Xijiu asked the question, she also started to understand the situation. She had worked for The Group of Ye before and she knew that the Ye family were very cruel.

If Long Xi told the truth, Gu Xijiu would be taken back home and back to the life that she deserved. However, the crazy scientist and the clone would not survive anymore.

Even all the researchers who participated in the research would be killed in secret!

That would involve a lot of lives

The price, to tell the truth, was too steep and it was not something that Long Xi could bear with. Therefore even if he was regretful, he decided to live with the mistake

Gu Xijiu could understand why he chose not to correct the mistake, but there was one thing that she was still confused about...