The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 668

Chapter 668: The Truth 2

As for the soul of the clone, she would wake up in Gu Xijiu's body.

The instructions of the Ye family was to kill Gu Xijiu once the heart exchange surgery was completed, so Gu Xijiu would be completely dead and the soul of the clone would not be resurrected anymore

This was actually a perfect plan. However, he never knew that Gu Xijiu had a special body constitution whereby she had antibody towards the drug. When she woke up earlier than expected, she not only stabbed Long Xi's heart but also torn her own heart and wasted Long Xi's well-prepared plan.

Everything was cleared now. The dining hall was very quiet to the point that they could only hear the sounds of the mussel chewing.

The story was too shocking so Gu Xijiu was still confused for a moment. She had mixed feelings. What if the story was real and Long Xi is not trapping her but was sincere to her?

But what if the story was just another lie of Long Siye to fool her?

What was his modus operandi?

Her eyes fell on the red autumn-shaped jade on his waist, "What about this jade?"

The jade was not big. It was about the size of a coin but the color was very fine and glowed slightly under the dimmed light.

"This jade was supposed to be yours." Long Siye replied.

"Uh?" Gu Xijiu was surprised.

"When you were born, you were holding this jade, that was why the Ye family named you 'Ye Hongfeng'. This jade had been hanging around your neck after you were born. When I made the mistake, I took out the jade from you and hung it on the clone's neck. That was why she was recognized as Ye Hongfeng and brought back by the Ye family. She had been wearing it all the time until the day when the surgery was performed. I put it in my pocket but I never expected that when my soul came to this world, it came together with me. When I was born in this world, I had the memory of Long Xi so I always kept this jade properly. I always had a feeling that since I could carry this jade with me to this world, I might have the chance to meet you again too. Thus, when I grew up and grew some abilities, I started to look for you. It had been more than 100 years since I started to look for you"

Everything he said sounded very real. Gu Xijiu did not know whether she should trust him or not. She calmed down for a moment. Since he was open to telling her everything, she decided to ask a few more questions to clear her doubts.

"How did you die? Were you killed by me?"

Long Siye shook his head, "My heart was located slightly towards the right. When you stabbed me, it did not stab on my heart. After you died, I did not want to be alive too so I committed suicide."

Was his heart really located slightly towards the right at that time?!

Long Siye seemed to understand Gu Xijiu's doubts; he held her hand to press on his right chest, "You can verify it."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She could feel the pumping of his heart.

However, it did not mean that he would have the same in his past life although his heart was really located slightly towards the right in this life. Gu Xijiu temporarily put this doubt aside.

"Since you took your own life, you should die almost the same time as I did. But why did the timing of our coming into this world so different? You have been here for more than 100 years but I am only here for a year"

"I am not sure. Even if we died at the same time, it does not mean that we will be reborn at the same time too."