The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Dont Punish Our Master, Please?

"Xijiu, father wouldn't punish you and your servants. You're right, they didn't do anything wrong and instead, they deserve a reward! Get someone to bring my money! Each of your servants will get 30 ounces of silver as a reward!"

One of the guards hurried to the treasury to get the money.

Gu Tianyi was stunned as her intention of bringing Gu Xietian here was to get Gu Xijiu into trouble. The result was completely out of her expectation.

"Father, they didnt respect you" She still wanted to change the ending.

Gu Xietian waved his hand and stopped her, "They are loyal to their master, they should be rewarded. Thats it."

Gu Tianyi shut her mouth.

Gu Xietian looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "Xijiu, why would you give this kind of order?"

Gu Xijiu looked towards the ground and said, "I like peace and quiet. I dont like to be disturbed and dont want to see random visitors, especially those who simply break into my residence just because they are members of the Gu family."

Gu Tianyi was pissed off and asked, "Who are you talking about?"

However, Gu Xijiu did not even bother to look at her. She looked at Gu Xietian and said, "General Gu, were my orders against the family rule or the national constitution?

Gu Xietian shook his head and said, "No." There were no such rules in the Gu family and the same can be said for the national constitution.

Although Gu Xietian hardly intervenes in family affairs, it did not mean that he knew nothing. He has heard about what Xijiu had gone through and that she used to get bullied by her sisters, however, that was just one of the many bad treatments he knew of.

Only when he saw her meals and the place she lived in did he know what kind of treatment Xijiu used to have.

He felt guilty for not paying enough attention to her. He stepped forward and held her hand, "Xijiu, the reason father came here is to tell you something."

Gu Xijiu stepped backward and withdrew her hand, "You can just tell me directly." General Gu felt pain in his heart that his daughter stepped away from him. He was so remorseful.

He had only seen this daughter a few times before today. She used to hide behind everyone but her eyes always showed that she was seeking for love. She was hoping he could treat her like how he treated her other sisters - pat her head and compliment her.

However, that never happened! He never did anything like that to her. Every single time he saw her, he pretended he did not see her or scolded her which made her become more cowardly. Things were different now though.

At that time, he found satisfaction in scolding her. It was a way to get revenge on her mother - the woman who would rather die than stay by his side.

He had no idea whether he had successfully gotten his revenge but he knew that all his actions had pushed his daughter away. And now, Gu Xijiu no longer needed his love when he intended to compensate for his wrongdoings. She addressed him as General, just like how strangers did. Gu Xietian was in a hurry to repair the relationship but was not successful.