The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Are You A Mussel Or A Pig?

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She pulled it over and scolded, "Are you a mussel or a pig?"

Due to the interruption of the mussel, the awkward situation had disappeared.

Long Siye also understood that he could not force her to accept the truth in a short time, so he stopped asking her any further questions. At the moment, there were fireworks in the sky outside the window and cheers coming from downstairs.

Long Siye stood up and held her hand, "Let's go, I will bring you to watch the fireworks."

He had very good capability so when the time he held her hand, Gu Xijiu was brought out from the window with him and landed on the crowded street.

The mussel also wanted to go along but it did not want to let go of the food on the table.

After it hesitated for a moment, it decided to stay and finished the food. Since it had made a Blood Agreement with its owner, it was quite easy for them to contact each other.

It not only stayed there by itself but also asked Lu Wu to stay. Lu Wu was not interested in good food but it was curious about new things. The decoration on this floor was very attractive so when the mussel was eating, it was running here and there to explore the place.

When it realized its owner had disappeared, it wanted to follow suit. The mussel thought that its master might forget about it if it was only it left in the restaurant, thus it wanted Lu Wu to accompany it.

It spat out a large pearl to attract Lu Wu's attention and lied it that it was an inner alchemy that could help in improving the spiritual power. Therefore, Lu Wu also stayed with it and played with the pearl.


There were a lot of people on the street.

At first, Long Siye wanted to hold her hand and walk together. However, Gu Xijiu was not used to it and she pulled her hand back.

Long Siye did not want to force her so he smiled, "There are so many people on the street. Please don't get lost. Or you can actually hold on to my sleeve."

Gu Xijiu did not bother, "I am not a kid anymore. I don't need to hold your sleeve" She paused when she talked about it.

In the past life, when both of them went out during a festival, she always liked to find an excuse to hold his hand.

He laughed at her and teased her like a child. At that time she insisted to say, "There are so many people on the street. I will get lost easily! If you don't want to hold my hand, can I hold your sleeve instead?"

Apparently, Long Siye had recalled the past too. He looked at Gu Xijiu and had mixed feelings, "Xijiu, I will not lose you anymore!"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She coughed and tried to change the topic, "Let's go! Don't be sad anymore!" she took the lead to walk ahead.

In the past, Long Xi was always smiling and never confessed like this before. Now only she knew that he was so good at sweet talking.

Both of them were wandering the streets. When they were walking, Gu Xijiu realized that the mussel and Lu Wu were not following them. She knew that the mussel was a big eater, so now it must be eating happily in the restaurant.

She was not worried because the mussel and the others always liked to sneak into the back mountain to hunt food themselves and knew the way to go back home.

In fact, she had mixed feelings. A few hours ago she was still alone walking on the street on Chinese Valentine's Day, and now she had someone accompanying her by her side

She actually believed the story that Long Siye had told her, but subconsciously, she refused to accept it.

In her past life, she liked him so much and wholeheartedly wanted to marry him. Now that the misunderstanding had been explained, she would certainly like him again like how she used to. Perhaps they would get married in future and be the happiest couple ever.

It was very rare to have someone who went to a different generation together. She is supposed to feel close to him. They were even a couple in their past life, so their relationship should be even stronger now.