The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Have You Become The Writer Of Romance Story

A pair of lovers traveling around the world hand-in-hand sounded like a good idea

Therefore, Gu Xijiu thought that she should give a chance to Long Siye and herself so that they could correct the mistakes they had made in the past and lived with no regrets.

Of course, everything was told by Long Siye. Gu Xijiu thought that it was not too late to make a decision after she investigated clearly.

When she thought about lovely couples, the image of Di Fuyi flashed in her mind. She felt lonely for a moment, but very soon she was back to normal.

She laughed at herself. This person had no relationship with her anymore. She thought that she was having a slight phobia about him because this person had been calling her his fianc.


The fireworks started to light up the sky again and everyone was cheering for it.

It was rare to have such an opportunity for both of them to watch the firework show together in the past life. So when there was this opportunity, Long Siye treasured the moment very much.

He did not force her anymore and did not forcibly hold her hand. He wanted to take it slow.

After finished watching the fireworks they went to watch the vaudeville.

Both of them were stuck in the crowd. Although they did not hold hands, Long Siye never walked too far away from her. Whenever she turned around, she could see his handsome face at her side.

Under the starlight, he looked charming and good looking. Especially when he smiled, he looked very sweet and cheerful.

This man was really beautiful and the beauty could be described as breath-taking. At first, he was wearing a mask on his face. However, he did not wear it this time so he attracted attention from passersby. Wherever he went, he was the one in the limelight.

Gu Xijiu was wearing a man and she had makeup on her face. When she made up like a man, she was also a handsome scholar. However, when she stood beside Long Siye, she was pushed to the sidelines.

When two men were watching fireworks together during this festival and the handsome one was taking care of the shorter one carefully, it made them looked like a gay couple

Therefore, the way the crowd looked at Gu Xijiu was very strange. At first, Gu Xijiu did not realize it. She only thought that most of the people were looking at them.

So she asked Long Siye, "Why didn't you wear your mask?"

Long Siye smiled, "I will never wear a mask in front of you in the future. I want you to see the real face of me."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She said, "Instructor Long, have you become an author of a romance story?"

Long Siye laughed and did not speak. He raised his hand and pat her head.

This action was too intimate! Gu Xijiu stepped backward and tried to avoid his hand, "Don't touch me!"

"Are they a gay couple?" There was a whispering came from somewhere not far away. It was the voice of Lan Waihu

Gu Xijiu subconsciously looked at the side and she saw Lan Waihu and Yan Chen who stood not far away from them.

Lan Waihu was holding a bunch of candied fruit in her hand and she was looking at Gu Xijiu. She thought that her voice was quite soft but Yan Chen quickly covered her mouth. He realized that the people they talked about had overheard their conversation. Of course, both of them did not recognize Gu Xijiu and Long Siye, because Long Siye always wore a mask when he appeared in public

Yan Chen nodded at Gu Xijiu to show his apology before he forcibly pulled Lan Waihu away. On their way back, he scolded her, "The ability of those two people were quite high. You have are speaking so quietly but they could still hear you. Well, it is also not a good habit to gossip about other people. Please don't do that again."