The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 673

Chapter 673: Do You Like Gu Xijiu

Lan Waihu was not convinced, "I did not gossip about them. This is the first time I saw a gay couple. There is nothing wrong with a gay couple. Xijiu told me that it is normal to have same-sex relationships as long as the couple loves each other truly, they would deserve the blessing. Xijiu also said"

Yan Chen was a bit frustrated. Lan Waihu had been talking about Xijiu the whole night. He almost suspected that Lan Waihu had fallen in love with Gu Xijiu

"Waihu, do you like me?"

"Yes, I do." Lan Waihu did not hide it.

Yan Chen was happy. He asked softly, "Do you like Gu Xijiu?"

"Yes!" She replied without hesitation.

It was real!

"So do you like me or her?"

"I like both of you!"

"What if you can only choose one of us, would you like me or her?" Yan Chen thought that he was crazy enough to feel jealous of a girl. However, he really wanted to know the answer.

Lan Waihu was confused, "Why can I only choose one?"

"Because I mean what if Under such assumption, who would you choose?"

"But your assumption is not valid" Lan Waihu muttered. However she knew that Yan Chen insisted to know the answer. She felt a slight headache, "Alright, give me some time to think about it."

Why would she need to think about it? Was it such a difficult decision?

Yan Chen somehow felt hurt.

After Lan Waihu thought for a moment, she prudently gave him an answer that hurt him a lot, "I will choose Xijiu!"

Yan Chen was speechless.

"Why?" After a long while, he finally asked.

Lan Waihu tried to explain, "Xijiu is really nice to me. She accepted me when I was isolated. I had the chance to experience the joys of a companion and there is no one who will look down on me anymore. No one will ever treat me like an idiot. When I was irritated by others, she taught me how to avenge myself. She also taught me a lot of knowledge to be a strong person I have never had this experience before. I am really happy to be with her." She even threateningly waved her fist in front of Yan Chen, "So you cannot fight with her or else I will never be friends with you!"

Yan Chen was speechless.

However, he was touched by her words. He recalled the conversation he had with Gu Xijiu before. Gu Xijiu said that he had been pampering Lan Waihu like a bird and protected her in the cage. He was quite angry at that moment but now he finally understood!

He always wanted to protect her under his wings and did not want her to get hurt, but he had never considered her feelings and what she really wanted

At his side, Lan Waihu had been living like a canary in the cage.

However, when she was with Gu Xijiu, she was trained to be a small eagle and got to experience the joy of flying in the sky.

No wonder Lan Waihu liked Gu Xijiu a bit more than himself.

Alas, it was such a failure!

Yan Chen felt depressed, but at the same time he was also doing some self-reflection

Of course, he did not want to talk to Lan Waihu who did not understand his feelings.

"Brother Yan Chen, there is a monkey show over there. Can we go and take a look?" Lan Waihu did not realize that she had offended Yan Chen at all and kept pulling his sleeve.

"I don't want to go! You can ask Gu Xijiu to go with you!" Yan Chen looked upward and did not look at her.

"But But Xijiu is not here."

"If she is here you will be going with her?"

"No." Lan Waihu shook her head.

Yan Chen depressed mood finally got better, "Didn't you say she is the best?"

"When she has spare time she does not allow me to follow her. She said everyone should have their own time and space. When she wants to have a quiet time, she doesn't want people to disturb her" Lan Waihu explained.