The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 677

Chapter 677: She Could Barely Recognize Him

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Was The Lord that she knew the same person as the one Long Siye had described?

She watched as Long Siyes lantern floated further away. Somehow, it was strange. He places his lantern much later, and there was some dis.

A few moments later, she did not expect his lantern to catch up with hers.

The two lanterns clung together and moved in unison. Theirs looked much better than the lovers lanterns.

Gu Xijiu watched for a while and then stopped. She knew that it was Long Siyes trick, as he had been trying hard to confess to her tonight, through different methods.

The river breeze was slightly chilly. It was only the beginning of autumn, but for some unknown reason, the river constantly remained icy cold throughout the year. Thus, it was cold to stand by the river.

"Are you cold?" Long Siye took off his outerwear and put it on her shoulders.

Gu Xijiu froze. His body warmth still lingered on his coat. There was even a faint hint of his unique scent.

The scent was different from that of Long Xi. As a comparison, Long Siye smelled better, but it was not a scent that she was familiar with anymore.

She took off the coat off her shoulders and tossed it back to him. "I am not an ordinary lady anymore, this level of coldness will not harm," said Gu Xijiu, smilingly.

Long Siye did not push her further. He smiled and said, "In my heart, you are forever Gu Xijiu, regardless of you being ordinary or extraordinary."

He must have been possessed.

He went on with his honeyed words and made them sound like they ought to be.

She could barely recognize him anymore.

If only.

She took a deep breath. With her eyes fixed on Long Siye, she asked, "Overlord Long, are you trying to confess your affection to me?"

Long Siye was slightly taken back by the way she addressed him. He sighed, "I do not think this was a question. It should be a sentence."

Gu Xijiu bit her lips, "But I will not necessarily answer you, I cannot even bring myself to believe all the things that you have said tonight."

Before Long Siye was about to say something, she continued, "I know I should have some faith but I know in my heart that I cannot do it now, so I do not want to lie to you. What I hate the most is people trying to lie to me. A lie is a lie, regardless of the intention. Therefore, do not let me find out again that your words are untrue. If I find you with a lie, I will disregard you as a whole and will no longer associate with you. Can you guarantee that?"

Just when Long Siye was about to nod his head in agreement, Gu Xijiu suddenly interrupted, "Do not rush into agreeing, I still have more to say. I will give you one more chance. You can now speak the truth. If you tell the truth, I promise I will not blame you for it, I will even reconsider the relationship between us, but if you miss the opportunity tonight, I will not give you another chance again. Now, can you still guarantee that?"

Her eyes were as bright as the stars. There was a sharp look in her eyes, waiting for Long Siye's answer.

Long Siye did not hesitate, "Xijiu, I promise! Everything that I have told you tonight is true!"

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes lightly. Then, she opened her eyes to look at him, "Please give me a few days to consider it. I cannot give you the answer now."

"Xijiu, I can wait, I have always been waiting for you," said Long Siye, gently.

He stood there with his robes brushed by the soft breezes. He appeared to be more handsome with his eyes bright as the moon.

It reminded her of a poem about a love story.

Perhaps it was Valentines Day that made her feel a little moved. She could feel a sense of warmth in her heart.

"Ah, he confessed! The pair had finally confessed!"