The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Could Not Withstand It

Despite coming in late, Di Fuyi got the best seat in the house. He was now beside Gu Canmo. Long Siye was supposed to sit there. However, since he had not arrived, his place was allocated to Di Fuyi.

The break up between Celestial Master Zuo and Gu Xijiu had been the most popular topic in Tianju hall. Almost everyone knew about it.

Now that all three parties were at the scene together, everyone was curious to see what would happen. Many of them were watching at Di Fuyi to observe his attitudes towards the two ladies.

Although Di Fuyi did not say much to them, his every move was quietly interpreted by the crowd. Everyone seemed to think that Di Fuyi treated Yun Qingluo differently so this time he was here to support her. Since entering the stadium, he had not even set eyes on Gu Xijiu, but he did stand in front of Yun Qingluo for a moment.

The crowd switched their attention to Gu Xijiu. Some of them felt sympathetic for her while the rest just wanted to see what would happen.

Even Gu Canmo was worried for Gu Xijiu and kept looking at her. He was afraid that she was too young and could not withstand the pressure of the situation. However, Gu Xijiu did not look like she cared. The smile and excitement on her face never disappeared.

In fact, she did not have to hide her feelings. She had already mentally prepared herself that Di Fuyi would come and support Yun Qingluo.

She was talking to Qian Lingyu using Directed Audio. This young man was a bit nervous as it was the first time he saw such a big crowd. Gu Xijiu worried that he could not perform well, so she was encouraging him with some motivational words.

Gu Xijiu still did not look at Yun Qingluo. Yun Qingluo was noticeably disappointed. However, she was undoubtedly thrilled. She felt proud to defeat Gu Xijiu.

Since it was still early, Gu Canmo invited Celestial Master Zuo to give a speech to the two teams.

Celestial Master Zuo glanced through the six participants, and finally let out a few encouraging words to them.

"Yun Qingluo, you are a heavens gift disciple. I dont want to say much but please dont bring shame to the title."

Yun Qingluo took a light breath, "Sure! I will do my best and not disappoint you!"

Di Fuyi nodded slightly, and finally look at Gu Xijiu, "Gu Xijiu"

At that moment, Gu Xijiu was directing Qian Lingyu about his eventual position during the match. When she stared at the twins earlier to observe them, she found out some clues about them.

For example, the brother, Le Qingxing, always stood at the right of his sister, Le Zixing, so he must be good at using his left hand to fight. Of course, not everything was this straightforward, but at least there were clues.

Among the three of them, Lan Waihu just needed to listen to her commands to attack. Qian Lingyu would actively cooperate with her to trick their opponents. Therefore, Gu Xijiu had to explain the changes in tactics to him.

Gu Xijiu was very serious at that moment, and Qian Lingyu kept focused as well. Since they were using directed audio, the crowd did not know that they were having a conversation.

When Di Fuyi started his speech, he did not ask the six of them to stand in front of him so they had been standing at their original place and pretended to be listening. In fact, they had no idea what Di Fuyi said.