The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 687

Chapter 687: Did He Intend To Kill Her?

Gu Xijiu looked at Long Siye, and she understood his intention. She knew that Long Siye was worried that her opponent would take advantage of the situation to intentionally hurt her, so he tried to use this reward to make sure that this match would end injury-free. Gu Xijiu did not say anything but appreciated his good intention.

Long Siye was observing Gu Xijiu the entire time. When both of them looked at each other, Long Siye knew that Gu Xijiu understood his intention. He felt happy and smiled. Gu Xijiu also smiled at him, and everything happened so quickly without uttering a single word.

"Dub!!!" Di Fuyi put the cup in his hand on the table heavily. The crisp sound was loud and everyone in the stadium could hear it.

Gu Xijiu finally turned and looked at him. However, Di Fuyi did not look at her. He smiled and slowly took out something from his sleeve and said gently, "There are no friendships on the battlefield. Since it is a competition, both parties have to go all out! This is a snow fruit. The winning team can keep it."

The crowd remained silent, but everyone was wondering if Celestial Master Zuo was trying to rival with Overlord Long?

The snow fruit was a strange and rare fruit. It was grown in the forbidden area of the forest and was also very rare. Even the knowledgeable Firmament Stone was excited when it saw the fruit, "Master, this fruit is great! It can extend your life and beautify your skin. Once you eat it, it can ensure you stay youthful. Even an 80 years old grandmother can look like a flower. Master, you must win it!"

Gu Xijiu touched the Firmament Stone but did not speak. Yun Qingluos eyes lit up. She looked at Di Fuyi and said, "Celestial Master Zuo, did you mean that even if we accidentally kill our opponent during the match, we can still be rewarded with this fruit if we win?"

Di Fuyi answered without hesitation, "You can interpret it this way." Then, he stared at Gu Xijiu, "Gu Xijiu, do you have any other opinion?"

Gu Xijiu answered in a gentle voice, "Thank you for your reward. I have no other opinion."

At first, she still had some strange feeling towards Di Fuyi, but now it was all dissipated. This man knew that she had a lower spiritual power than Yun Qingluo and that Yun Qingluo particularly hated her and always wanted to eliminate her. Di Fuyi's words apparently gave Yun Qingluo the opportunity to kill her and get away with it. She finally knew how cruel this man could be. Did he intend to kill her?

There was anger in her heart, so she decided to close her eyes. She was confident that if she gave her maximum effort, she still had the chance to win. Her spiritual power was now level 5.6 or 5.7. Although it was very far off from Yun Qingluo, she had more fighting experience than Yun Qingluo!

Lan Waihu was a bit worried. She talked to Gu Xijiu via Directed Audio, "Xijiu, we are not as good as them"

She had seen how the sister of the twins attacked. There was a guy who used to bully Lan Waihu that attempted to go after her. When he failed to molest her, Le Zixing hit the guy so badly that he vomited blood.

Lan Waihu could not imagine herself being as strong as Le Zixing and had no intention to fight against her.

Although Lan Waihu was not the same as before, she was still anxious. At first, she thought that they had nothing to lose even if they could not win the match, but now they could lose their lives.