The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Well Done!

They felt hopeless when they were being assigned to serve Gu Xijiu as they thought they would be demoted and encounter more bullies. However, they really did not expect the young lady to make such a great breakthrough!

They could finally be themselves in the family! The monetary reward was not as important as being able to live freely. Those servants surrounded Gu Xijiu and cheered happily.

At this stage, guarding the door was a small matter. These servants would truly give up their lives if the young lady needed their help.

Gu Xijiu looked at them and smiled, "Well done everyone! Im going to personally reward all of you too. 10 dollars will be given to each of you! Im relying on all of you to take care of my house though!"

10 dollars was equivalent to two years salary for the servants!

They looked even happier now!

"Dont worry, young lady! We will definitely listen to your orders and wont allow anyone to enter your courtyard without your permission!"

Gu Xijiu chuckled, "Great! Dominant enough! My servants must be brave and dominant! You must remember, I dont need weak people! Show me your wings if youre an eagle, show me your claws if youre a tiger! I dont keep cowards! From today onwards, we shall get revenge on those who dare to bully you! Ill be your backup if you get into trouble."

"Yes, young lady!" The voice of the gentle servants were still very mild.

Gu Xijiu smiled and said, "Fantastic! These are my people then!" She waved her hand and said, "Alright, you can leave if you want to celebrate but dont forget my dinner! Im starving!"

The sound of their cheers filled the entire Gu residence.

Leng Xiangyu had many spies in the residence so she knew what was happening. She was helping Gu Xietian change his clothes when she heard the cheers. She spoke, "Master, our daughter seems to have changed into someone else!"

Gu Xietian replied, "Yes, she has changed to be a better person."

"But there is something too different about her. She is not the same person at all."

Gu Xietian glared at her and said, "Even a rabbit would bite when it needed too. She is a human! She is my daughter. Her blood is made from mine! She was just suppressing her feelings last time and it has reached her limit. Nothing bad."

"Indeed Its great! I just thought its better for girls to be gentle and polite."

"I don't need any more gentle and polite daughters. I need a leader who is brave. Perhaps, she wanted to be a gentle lady but someone was trying to prevent it. What can we expect when the daughter of a great General was living a life worse than his servants?"

Every word that came out from his mouth were daggers directed at her. Leng Xiangyu could no longer endure it and said, "Master, its my fault. I neglected her and believed in the lies of the servants Ill treat her nicely in the future"