The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 696

Chapter 696: I Dont Want You 4

"Poke!" Yun Qingluos sword poked into Gu Xijius right chest. However, Gu Xijiu did not just stop right there but immediately teleported forward and appeared in front of Yun Qingluo to give her a powerful palm attack on her chest!

"Thud!" She hit Yun Qingluo right on her chest!

There was no way for Yun Qingluo to imagine Gu Xijiu would take such a high risk to fight with her as she had already prepared to die! She was stunned for a second and then flew out from the arena and fell to the ground.

The sudden change was too rapid as though everything happened in just a blink of an eye.

Until this point, only the audiences screamed in shock...

Yun Qingluo fell onto the ground heavily. She felt a chronic pain in her chest and her intuition told her there were a few broken ribs inside...

Gu Xijiu was badly injured by the sword. It had numerous inverted hooks that poked into her chest and penetrated through her back. A lot of fresh blood was gushing out from her wound! She was swaying when she was still standing there and laughed proudly, "Yun Qingluo, you lost the game!"

All the teachers at the judges table immediately stood up. Even Di Fuyi was shocked and rushed over to Gu Xijiu right away...

At the same time, Long Siye also flew over, "Xijiu!"

Gu Xijiu could not stand still anymore and fell into someones arms as she lost control of her body.

It was a pair of familiar arms with a light fragrance; the arms which used to carry and hug her, the arms which made her miserable and the arms she realized she missed. However, she felt very uncomfortable as though she was bitten by a scorpion after she fell into his arms. She immediately struggled and shouted, "Let go!"

Long Siye also arrived in front of them but he was just slightly slower than Di Fuyi and missed catching Gu Xijiu. He was standing in front of Di Fuyi with a very upset expression, "Di Fuyi, give her back to me!"

Di Fuyi ignored Long Siye right away. His left arm was supporting Gu Xijiu and his right hand was tapping on a few spots around the wound, "Are you crazy!?"

It was only now that Gu Xijiu felt she was engulfed by the chronic pain. Her face was very pale but she did not want to have any physical contact with Di Fuyi, hence, she struggled, "Let go of your hands! Overlord Long will save me"

Long Siye also said, "Let me have a look!"

He wanted to take her away...

However, Di Fuiyi tried to avoid it and managed to escape. He then disappeared instantly with Gu Xijiu in his arms.

Long Siye was trembling due to intense anger, "Di Fuyi! Where are you bringing her!?"

Di Fuyi disappeared too quickly, that Long Siye could not even catch the edge of his robe. Mu Lei immediately blocked Long Siye, "Overlord Long, Miss Gu wasnt the only one injured. There, Miss Yun was also injured, could you please check on her?"

At this moment, why would Long Siye be keen to bother Miss Yun or Miss Yu? He did not even want to bother Mu Lei and disappeared instantly.

On the ground outside the arena, Yun Qingluo raised her head and realized at least four of her ribs were broken. She could hardly breathe but she was staring at the direction where Gu Xijiu disappeared with Di Fuyi. Her face was pale and she bit her lips until it bled...

While Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu were only able to react now, she was frightened and shocked as she looked at the puddle of blood under her feet, "Xijiu"

The audience was looking at each other before their gazes returned to Yun Qingluo.

Although they could not manage to prevent the tragedy, they could see how Yun Qingluo attacked clearly.

It was such an evil and scary attack as though she was going to kill her enemy, as she was aiming at Lan Waihus left chest. If Gu Xijiu did not sacrifice herself, Lan Waihu would be the one who would be lying in the blood puddle now!

Although they had agreed not to judge regardless of being alive or dead, they should try their best...