The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 70

Chapter 70: More Than One Woman

"Leng Xiangyu!" Gu Xietian suddenly called her full name with a cold voice. "Do you think Im a fool?! Do you think you can hide everything from me? I spoke on your behalf that day for the sake of the Gu familys reputation. But dont ever think you can fool me!"

Gu Xietian did not want to talk to her anymore. He left the room after taking his cloak.

Leng Xiangyu was stunned for a moment but then walked up hastily to him. "Master, where are you going?"

He had not come to her room for many days but he was leaving right after he came.

Gu Xietian stopped and said, "Dont ever try to trick Xijiu again, or Ill never forgive you!" He then left the room without looking back.

Leng Xiangyu slumped on the chair, feeling speechless.

A moment later, her servant came in and reported, "Madam, master has gone to Feng Xiangs Courtyard."

Feng Xiangs Courtyard was the residence of Mistress Zhou, whom he married one year ago. She was a young girl who was less than 20 years old. Undoubtedly, since Mistress Zhou was the favorite mistress of Gu Xietian, he slept with her almost every night.

Even though Leng Xiangyu was Gu Xietians official wife, she did not often have sex with him. They only slept together a few times and most of the time, they only had quick sex!

Sadly, he would sleep right after f*cking her. On the other hand, Leng Xiangyu would be sleepless throughout the night.

Based on the report from her servant who came back from Feng Xiangs Courtyard, the mistress was so strong that her sex with Gu Xietian could last for half a night.

Leng Xiangyu was jealous but she was not able to do anything about it.

Leng Xiangyu looked at herself in the mirror. She was about 40 years old and well maintained; her skin was fair and smooth and her features were still beautiful. Despite the age, she looked like she was in her early 30's.

Unfortunately, the passion had died down before she aged. It was difficult for her to compete with the young girl who had not even reached her early 20's yet.

As she raised her hand and touched her face, an image suddenly appeared in her mind...

She sighed, "Luo Xinglan, if you were still alive and in my position, would he treat you like how he has been treating me?"

"I think he would, right?"

"Men always like new things. They will notbe loyal to only one woman."

Although Gu Xietian was depressed for a few months since Luo Xinglan jumped off the cliff, he overcame his depression after six months. However, he became worse than ever. He had been marrying a new mistress every one or two years and now he had more than 10 mistresses in the residence. Every one of them put on heavy makeup and wore colorful dresses which were really annoying to Leng Xiangyu.

Leng Xiangyu was married into the Gu family as a mistress. At that time, Gu Xietian only had a wife who was Luo Xinglan and he was keeping his promise to Luo Xinglan. Although he was rich and powerful, he had only one wife...

Leng Xiangyu not only seduced him and had sex with him, she even threatened him with her baby and forced Gu Xietian to marry her as his mistress. This incident triggered Gu Xietian and Luo Xinglan to have a massive argument...

Because of the argument, Luo Xinglan jumped off the cliff. After that, Leng Xiangyu finally got her throne to be the official wife of the General.

She thought she had finally gotten everything she wanted, especially the special love from Gu Xietian. However, she did not expect that the love only lasted for two years.

Luo Xinglan was still alive when Gu Xietian still loved Leng Xiangyu. But since Luo Xinglan jumped off the cliff, Gu Xietian had lost his passion in Leng Xiangyu.