The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Meant To Receive Sarcasm For The Rest Of Her Life?

Di Fuyi continued with an icy voice, "The thing you should focus on now is to find a way to pull out this sword instead of those unimportant matters! Do you have any solution?"

Long Siye looked pale, he took a deep breath and said, "My solution is probably not the best idea now. The sword must be removed in an hour"

After all, Gu Xijiu was still new to this world and she did not know what exactly the weapon was. However, she knew something was wrong based on Long Siyes facial expression. She quickly asked the Firmament Stone, "Little Cang, what is this thing?"

Firmament Stone was indeed a knowledgeable gem, "The sword was not made from gold or iron, either. It was formed by using a curse with special materials and it can increase the pain threshold by several times once it cut the flesh. The sword can absorb spiritual power and it takes away half of one's spiritual power in an hour and it can completely absorb all the spiritual power in two hours. There were numerous hooks on the blade and it would pull out the blood vessels and tendons if someone pulls the sword. If the victim was lucky, he would be paralyzed or he would die if he had enough blessings"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

It was indeed beyond her expectation that Yun Qingluo would commit such an evil deed. She thought it was just a normal sword with a few tiny hooks. She might even be in more pain when she pulls it, but she did not expect this...

She was also a physician and she knew it was almost impossible to get the surgery done in an hour in order to take the sword out. It was considered very good if it could be done in two hours!


Moreover, the surgery would require many special types of equipment and tools...

She would lose all her martial arts two hours later, so all of her hard work and effort she had poured in would be a complete waste!

She almost fainted as she could hardly accept the truth.

Was she cursed to live a tough life? Or was she meant to receive sarcasm for the rest of her life?

She tried her best to clear her mind and asked Long Siye, "If What if the sword can only be removed after two hours? If all the martial arts are gone, is it possible for me to get it back by practicing harder?"

That was her main concern. She only took a year to transform from being a piece of trash to a genius, so she could probably practice harder to gain it back? She would just spend another year then.

Long Siye was stunned. He was not able to tell her the truth.

That was because the curse would seal all her spiritual vessels once she got injured for more than two hours and she could never practice anymore.

If the sword had only cut her skin and a little of her flesh without penetrating her body, she would only experience the pain and lose only a part of her spiritual power.

Unfortunately, the sword had penetrated her internal organs, coupled with the inverted hooks on the blade - pulling the sword out was definitely a bad idea! Surgery was the only way to save her life at the moment and the fastest method would also require about three hours to take out the sword...

Long Siye knew her well; he knew she was aggressive and proud, how could he tell her the truth?

Not only he could not tell her but the Firmament Stone could not do it too...

The Firmament Stone began to speak in her mind, "How great if The Lord is here, Im sure he would have a solution to take out the sword."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She had not heard about The Lord for almost three months, he was probably enjoying his tea somewhere!

Everyone knew it was not easy to find The Lord, hence, even though he had a solution, he would not be able to help...

Her limbs were getting cold but she did not want to give up. She asked the Firmament Stone, "What What solution do you have? Just tell me, perhaps, Long Siye could operate"

The Firmament Stone denied, "Long Siye is not capable of doing that! It requires the skill of spiritual power conversion to melt the sword. Tsk tsk! And that requires a level ten spiritual power or above to handle it. Perhaps, The Lord is the only one in the world who can do this"