The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 702

Chapter 702: How Much Did He Know About Her?

Gu Xijiu was disappointed.

Perhaps, she was meant to go through this kind of life.

No matter how hardworking she was, or how much effort she put in, it would be the same.

Long Siye could not bear to see her depressed; he held her hand, "Xijiu, don't be sad, it's not the end of the world. Worse comes to worse We don't want this body. You know I've prepared a clone body for you"

Gu Xijiu was even more depressed.

She felt so uneasy whenever she recalled the young girl in the ice coffin.

The clone was a taboo for her, she even hated the term. But at the end, did she still need to be a clone?

"She can't change her body anymore!" Di Fuyi suddenly said. He was sitting in front of a table and said with an icy voice, "Her soul would be gone if she changes her body once again!"

Long Siye was shocked, "Wh...What!?"

"Long Siye, you should know the rule and regulations of the soul possession. It is not easy for the souls from the outside world to possess a body to resurrect, unless the souls were originally compatible with the body or that the body was actually her previous life. In conclusion, there was only one in ten million who could resurrect from a different body. Fortunately, she succeeded. She was lucky enough but this also caused certain problems, as her soul were from somewhere else and she had an agreement with the current body when she possessed it. The body accepted her soul and it diffused into the bones, blood, flesh and every single part of the body. The souls were now attached to the body and it couldn't be separated anymore. If you insist to do so, you're trying to dig her soul and she'll have to go through a series of chronic pain in order to leave the body. Perhaps, her soul would be scattered and it might take another hundred years to gather her soul even if you're capable to do so. In addition, although the clone body you made is pretty enough, there are certain flaws. She wouldn't be able to practice any spiritual power anymore even if she can resurrect into this clone body a hundred years later. She will still be a beautiful trash - here's no difference compared to what she is now!"

Di Fuyi had said so much at once and the topic had shocked Long Siye badly. Even Gu Xijiu was shocked after listening.

Based on what Di Fuyi said, he knew she had resurrected! How did he know?

She remembered that she only told The Lord about this and had never mentioned it to anyone else. She was very sure that she did not tell Di Fuyi about this...

She finally looked at Di Fuyi, "How did you know"

"Of course I know!" Di Fuyi interrupted, "There are not many things which could be hidden from me! Especially matters concerning you"

Gu Xijiu was even shocked.

How much did he know about her?

Long Siye argued, "I don't believe! I don't believe in you!"

Di Fuyi glared at him and asked, "So you want to bet on her life?!"

Long Siye could not speak a word. His face was pale, "It's a perfect body, it's perfect body for martial arts once it gets resurrected! Everything fits Xijiu perfectly well, she"

Di Fuyi interrupted him again, "So you still want to try?"

Long Siye could not answer!

Although people could not understand the way Di Fuyi behaved and most of the time he acted as though he was a badass, everyone knew he was indeed a knowledgeable and capable person.

Other than himself alone, all the heaven's gift disciples had learned a little or more from him.

Even Long Siye also learned the wood spiritual power from Di Fuyi...

Therefore, no one knew exactly how much metaphysical knowledge Celestial Master Zuo was familiar with.