The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 703

Chapter 703: This Is Not The Time To Joke!

Even Long Siye could not argue against what he said.

What if everything Di Fuyi said comes true?!

He could not bet on Gi Xijiu's life!

But, he could not just give up and let her become a handicapped man.

Not to mention she would not compromise, neither would he!

He could accept that she would be handicapped and had excused the light birthmark on her face, but he cared very badly about the fact that she could never prolong her life...

Once she became spiritually handicapped, she could never practice martial arts or possess any spiritual power and that would prohibit her from practicing the arts of life-prolonging. As a result, she would only live up till her 80 or 100 years old like an ordinary man before dying of old age...

He could not accept it!

He clenched his fingers as that was the first time ever he realized he was not as good in medicals as he had thought. He could not do anything but watch his beloved suffer in front of him...

"I have a solution!" Di Fuyi spoke.

The two on the bed raised their head and looked at him at the same time.

"What is it?" Both of them asked.

There was a devil laughing in Di Fuyis pupils as he looked at the two who were cuddling with each other on the bed, "You dont have to know what it is, but Ill have my way to save her.

However, I have a condition. Ill help her immediately if you agree with my condition, or Ill leave immediately and leave you alone forever if you dont agree with my condition!"

Apparently, both of them did not expect he would offer help with a condition at this moment. Gu Xijiu was stunned but Long Siye took a deep breath and said, "Di Fuyi, you're the root of these injuries! If you didn't mention they would risk their lives to fight and even neglected whether they'll be alive or dead, Yun Qingluo wouldn't have the guts to hurt anyone with this sword! And now you still want something in return even after having a solution to save Xijiu!?"

Di Fuyi remained silent for a second and then forced himself to smile, "You can continue talking crap to me as we can afford to delay, but Xijiu can she afford to? She is injured for almost ten minutes now"

Long Siye was mad but he had nothing to retaliate with.

Gu Xijiu did not know what kind of feeling she had, but she felt Di Fuyi was such an evil person but sometimes he was actually nice. She certainly did not expect him to be so shameless and cold-blooded...

She could not tell if she was disappointed and decided to go straight to the point, "Whats the condition?"

Di Fuyi could see the hatred and anger in her eyes as he looked at her; his heart felt like it was being pricked by numerous needles but he was still smiling and said, "Marry me!"

Gu Xijiu was shocked.

Is he crazy? He was just insane! How could he force her to marry him at this moment!?

Gu Xijiu glared at him as though she was staring at a crazy man and shouted, "Youre dreaming!"

She would have thought he was sincere if he proposes to her before last night.

But since last night, she would just feel disgusted when he proposed!

He just hung out with Yun Qingluo last night but he did not even bother to check on her today even after she got injured severely. On the other hand, he threatened Gu Xijiu to marry him!?

Does he have a brain damage or something? Who exactly does he like?

Or did he want the best of both worlds? He got Yun Qingluo last night and today he wanted Gu Xijiu as well?

Bastard! He was such a jerk!

Gu Xijiu was suffering a horrible pain and was left devoid of energy. By any chance, if she could still use any strength, she would definitely kick him away, as far as she could!

Long Siye frowned, "Di Fuyi, this is not the time to joke!"