The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Itll Be A Great Experience To Die In My Beloveds Arms

The smile on Di Fuyis face has gone, he said coldly, "Im not joking with you!"

"But why her? Di Fuyi, you can just pick any girl in the world, why must you force her right now?

You know it, she doesnt love you and you dont love her, why must you make life difficult?" Long Siye grabbed his fists!

"Overlord Long, this is none of your business whether I love her or not! And the reason why I pick her" Di Fuyis gaze on Gu Xijiu and smiled, "Perhaps, I like her?"


Gu Xijiu felt her anger rising up to her skull. She took a deep breath and neglected the pain caused by the sword which was moving inside her thoracic cavity and said, "Di Fuyi, I, will, not, marry you! I'll, rather, be, handicapped, and do, nothing, for the rest, of my life!"

Di Fuyi smile was frozen, "You really hate me so much?"

"Yes!" She answered without hesitation.

Di Fuyi has been looking for something interesting to do in order to cheer his life up, but that was indeed the first time he got himself into trouble.

However, he still needed to continue to endure being insulted and had to smile again, "Hmmm, that's great I feel I just can't wait to get you."

Gu Xijiu was really mad now, "Shameless! Di Fuyi, I just want to kill you now! You really not afraid that Ill kill you?"

"Itll be a great experience to die in my beloved arms, dont you think so? In addition, you arent capable enough now." Di Fuyi did not care.

Gu Xijiu was extremely mad and her face was as pale as a blank piece of paper. Suddenly, "Burrp!" A lot of blood gushed out from her mouth...

Long Siye was shocked, "Xijiu!"

The puke had indirectly hurt the wound and she was in chronic pain. Her body was trembling in Long Siyes arms.

Di Fuyi quickly rushed forward and his finger was tapping on her acupoints.

His acted very fast; even Long Siye could not manage to block him. Long Siye stared at him, "What the hell are you doing?!"

Di Fuyi took a step back and said softly, "Shell feel better after vomiting; she was in so much pain because she tried to hold it in."

Long Siye remained silent for a second and asked, "Is that real?"

Di Fuyi was too lazy to bother him and looked at Gu Xijiu, "How do feel now?" He sounded proper now!

Gu Xijiu was stunned for a few seconds and subconsciously sensed her body condition. She realized she really felt better and it was easier to breathe now.

Long Siye knew she felt better based on her facial expression. He felt relieved, "You just wanted her to throw up, was that the reason you were being so mean to her?"

Di Fuyi replied coldly, "Even a fairy couldnt save her if she didnt throw up."

Indeed, the reason he was so mean and rude was to make her vomit. Gu Xijiu seemed to be relieved and she took a breath, "Whats next?"

Di Fuyi frowned as though she just asked a stupid question, "Next? Of course, you have to agree with my condition before I can save you, right?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Long Siye frowned, "Di Fuyi, can you just stop joking! You just said the reason you were mean to her was just to make her puke. She has puked now, so you dont have to"

"That was just part of the reason. I mean it when I told you about the condition." Di Fuyi interrupted.

Long Siye was very mad, "You"

Di Fuyi said coldly, "I dont like to do any business with negative profit. Since I have to put in effort and energy to save her, you should contribute something in return as well."