The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Male Gynecologist

His voice was as pleasing as the sound of flowing water. It lingered in her ears from time to time. She tried to suppress her awkwardness while being naked under his care. Although her eyes were already covered, she closed her eyes to focus on his every instruction.

The instructions were complex. He could always feel when she was slightly distracted and reminded her to stay focused from time to time.

Gradually, she could feel a burning sensation coming from every inch of the wound. The sword seemed to have regularly decreased in size.

She could not see, so she did not know that the sword was shimmering in seven-colored rays under the grasp of Di Fuyi. She did not see the blue veins that stood out on the back of his palms. She did not notice the sweat that was oozing out from his temples from time to time. She did not realize his pale face under the cover of his mask. She did not know the amount of blood that was rushing up his throat that he had to swallow during the process. She was not informed about the gradual disappearance of the sword in his grip, as though it had been forcefully vaporized.

The process did not take too long. It lasted about half an hour.

When Gu Xijiu finally felt better as wound had stopped hurting with brutal pain, she was placed on the bed. She could feel that the sword had completely disappeared and he was now treating the wound on her chest.

The position of the wound was rather awkward. During the fight, she had no other choice but to risk it in order to win and to save lives.

Occasionally, she could feel his icy finger touching her sensitive parts. It was embarrassing for her. She could only close her eyes and pretend that she was his patient, trying to suppress herself from giving out any reactions.

His palm had completely covered up her wound, with his fingers touching the upper part of her breast. His palm was cold, but she could feel a steady heat flow into her wound. The pain was finally relieved and had stopped cramping. It gradually went away as she relaxed.

She could not help but to doubt. Since his eyes were already covered, how could he be so precise of the position of the wound? There was not any deviation.

His fingers only lingered around the wound area and did not touch any other parts of her body.

Was the blindfold on his eyes useless? Was it only for her to feel better?

Gu Xijiu had some serious doubts, but she could not ask him.

What was the point of asking and getting to know his answer? Could she not let him treat her wound?

Never mind, she would pretend that it was a full health inspection at the hospital and the man in front of her was a male gynecologist.

He finally removed his palm. She could feel that he had just applied a type of cooling medicine to her wound. She could still feel the pain, but it was bearable.

They were very close in proximity to one another. She could feel his every movement right above her. His fingers were cold and soft. The way he applied the medicine was tender, one that was able to calm her heart.

A droplet fell from above and landed on her silky, white skin.

She was distracted for a little and was about to make a move, but he suddenly lifted her up and turned her around without giving her any chance to catch her breath. He laid her down on his lap to treat the wound on her back.

Due to the intense pain experienced a few moments ago, Gu Xijiu was entirely drenched in sweat, as though she had just been soaked in water.

She could feel that his robes were also wet while lying on his lap, but she could not be sure about it, as her hands were all wet, too.

There was a complete silence in the house, filled only with the sounds of their breaths.