The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Should It Be A Lifetime Or Only Once

The Lord always had time to have deep thoughts. Everyone would know it was the time when he was planning stuff. But this time when he was silent, it was slightly different from the past. This time, he looked lonely and bored as if he was a kid who had been abandoned by his parents and did not know how to get back to his original place.

When this idea came to Mu Feng's mind, he thought that he must have gone crazy! How could he have such feelings? Celestial Master Zuo was always the one who left other people behind and never had the time when other people abandoned him.

"Mu Feng, do you think I am sick?" Di Fuyi who had been quiet finally spoke. However, the content of the conversation had shocked Mu Feng a lot, and it immediately made him nervous.

"My Lord, are you feeling unwell? Are you feeling dizzy or" Mu Feng listed many possible illnesses. His eyes were widely opened to check on Di Fuyi.

Although the room was dark, with both of their abilities, they could see each other very clearly.

Di Fuyi who was not paying attention became aware and kicked Mu Feng away, "Go away! I did not mean I was sick!"

Mu Feng was relieved, "Then what did you mean?"

Tonight, Di Fuyi was a bit talkative. Perhaps he was lost, "Actually I don't know as well. When I don't see her, I miss her. When I see her, I don't feel good. In fact, her current state is what I expected to see. I should feel happy, but I am a bit sad"

He paused for a moment and seemed to be searching for the right words, "She needs to become stronger. She does indeed grow very fast, which I should feel grateful for. However, when I see that she is living well without me, I somehow feel upset"

Mu Feng did not dare to interrupt.

"I should stay away from her, but I could not control myself She must be thinking that I am an unpredictable crazy man." Di Fuyi slightly frowned and concluded.

Mu Feng remained silent.

After a while, he carefully said, "My Lord, why would you want to stay away from her? Since you like her, you should keep her by your side."

It had always been The Lord's style to grab anything he liked. Why is he acting like this now?

Di Fuyi turned and looked at him, "Should I keep her?"

Mu Feng answered, "Of course!"

An ordinary man would want to keep the woman that he liked, not to mention The Lord!

It was the highest blessing of all no matter who he wanted to keep by his side. Di Fuyi did not speak.

"My Lord, you like her, right?"

"Of course!"

"My Lord, I don't understand. You were trying so hard to go after her before. I always thought that you would do everything to marry her. What were you thinking at the time?"

Indeed, what was he thinking? Di Fuyi slightly frowned.

"Mu Feng, what is the definition of love?" Di Fuyi did not answer Mu Feng's question. He knocked the table with his fingers and seemed to think about it seriously, "Should it be a lifetime or only once?"

Mu Feng wanted to cry. He had been living for so many years but had never fallen for anyone before. How would he know the definition of love? However, since The Lord asked for his opinion, he had to share what he understood about love.