The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 72

Chapter 72: You Can Never See Her Again...

This courtyard was locked after Luo Xinglan committed suicide. Thus, no one came here since.

Of course, Gu Xietian did not come as well.

He even abstained from passing by the courtyard to avoid remembering the sad moments.

The name Luo Xinglan had been his weakest spot and he had not allowed anyone to mention it.

Strangely, he was eager to see this place tonight.

Initially, he thought he just wanted to stand there for a while, but he naturally went into the house. He could not leave as he felt so sad when he saw everything she used before.

"Dear, I've been looking for Tiannuo all these years but I still couldn't find him I'm afraid I can't get him back anymore, he is such a smart boy" He felt as if there was something stuck in his throat, so he stopped talking.

He stopped for a short while and continued, "Dear, luckily we still have a daughter I feel so guilty and sorry for her but luckily, it's still not too late. I'll treat her nicely in the future. She looks exactly like you, as tough as you. Unfortunately, you can never see her again"

The dinner that was prepared for Gu Xijiu tonight was no ordinary dinner. It was amazing! Her servants had prepared a table full of dishes and every dish looked beautiful and attractive!

Gu Xijiu was stunned as she looked at the amount food served on the table. She decided to invite all of her servants to have dinner together with her.

Initially, the servants refused to sit down as they knew that this was rude to their master. However, Gu Xijiu ordered all of them to sit down with her. Everyone was very happy and grateful to Gu Xijiu.

The master, as well as her servants, had fun. During the dinner, Gu Xijiu mentioned, "Ill definitely take care of my people!"

Everyone was in tears after listening to her words. As the group of people classified at the lowest rank in the society, they were meant to serve their masters and it was rare for them to have such a kind and genuine master in their life.

Their young lady treated them as humans instead of servants.

They were lucky to have met such a kind master.

As their passion was boosted, they committed their loyalty to their master.

Gu Xijiu smiled and lifted the glass; they cheered and finished their drinks.


Residence of the crown prince, East Palace.

In the study room, Rong Jialuo was not able to calm himself and was fiddling with a bracelet in his hand. Occasionally, he looked at the sky. He could not wait for nightfall.

"Prince, since the person has left a message and has said that he will come tonight, he probably won't break his promise. Besides, we have the thing he wants, so don't worry. It's still early, please be more patient." His closest bodyguard spoke to him. He, with the nickname Black Fox, was the most loyal person to the Crown Prince.

He knew all Rong Jialuos secrets - even the letters exchanged between him and Gu Xijiu.

Rong Jialuo smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm not afraid that he breaks his promise I am just worried about my fourth brother"

The fourth prince, Rong Chu, was still looking for him and he had set many traps and spies to hunt for him. He was wondering whether the young boy could make it to his place safely.

However, he was unsure where he was supposed to find the young boy if he did not come.