The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 720

Chapter 720: It Is Always Easier To Grab Hold Of Things That Are Closer

"My Lord, do you remember Gu Xietian and Luo Xinglan? They used to love each other so much, and their story was very touching. Luo Xinglan almost sacrificed everything she had for Gu Xietian. Gu Xietian also fought very hard on the battlefield because he knew that she was going to deliver their child and wanted him to be by her side. It was because of this promise that he crawled out from the piles of corpses and ran back home in three days. Could you even write a better love story on your own? However, what was the ending of their story? Love can only last for a few years. Once it spans longer than that, couples will break up, or they will just treat each other as family."

"I remember a saying that explains how the process is more important than the result. I think enjoying the process of being in love is more important than caring about the ending. That way you will have no regrets even if it is brief"

Di Fuyi did not speak, but he seemed to be impressed. In his life, he had seen countless love stories pass him by. Indeed, Mu Feng was right! Regardless how impressive the love story was, over time the love faded away. Some became typical husbands and wives, and others even turned into enemies.

Di Fuyi rarely had such deep discussions with his subordinates thus Mu Feng felt very touched. He had a vision that The Lord would treat him as his best friend. "My Lord, if you like her, you should keep her by your side and love her whole-heartedly!" Mu Feng tried to encourage Di Fuyi. He always thought that if The Lord never fell in love his life would never be complete.

Di Fuyi did not speak but kept rubbing his eyebrows.

"My Lord, I think that the enemy would notice the way you treated Miss Gu today. It is quite dangerous to leave her alone outside. Why don't you keep her by your side? If you want her to be stronger, why don't you teach her some skills? She could learn more useful things from you than from Tianju Hall."

It is always easier to grab hold of things that are closer. Mu Feng understood this theory very well. Di Fuyi looked down at the floor. For Gu Xijiu to be able to defend herself, she needed to learn more than combat skills. Somethings could not even be taught.


There were a stream and a few maple trees around it. The maple leaves were reddish green and created a beautiful scene. Gu Xijiu followed the flute sound she heard and came to this place. She saw someone under the maple tree dressed in white and looked elegant.

It was Long Siye! Gu Xijiu smiled and quietly listened to the melodious tune from afar. However, the flute suddenly stopped, and she felt the wind blow beside her. Long Siye came to her side, "Why are you here? Are you still hurt?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head. She had a relatively good physique now and recovered very speedily. Although she was still unable to exercise, she could walk for short distances at a time. She had been very bored lying on the bed for the whole day.

Long Siye helped her to sit down on a boulder. He sat beside her, and he held her wrist to check her pulse. After a while, he let her hand go and smiled, "You're recovering very quickly. Have you eaten anything?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "No, I have no appetite."

Long Siye shook while taking out a paper bag. When he opened it, there were hot snacks inside! "There you go, your favorite sweet peas pudding."

Gu Xijiu frowned, "You made it?"

Long Siye coughed, "Yes. Try it and see how it tastes."