The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Envy The Lovebirds...

Gu Xijiu continued singing the next verses.

"Love could produce the most beautiful painting in the world,

Ive been waiting for a thousand years, and I just wanted to hear one phrase,

Could you say you love me?

Please dont bring up the fact that weve missed the best time of our lives,

The melody and rhythm of the good times linger in the village beside the brook,

As it envies the lovebirds who are living their lives happily together"

Long Siye's flute was gentle, and Gu Xijiu's sharp voice was still as good as before even though it sounded slightly hoarse due to her injury. She ended perfectly, and Long Siyes eyes were sparkling as he held her little hand, "Xijiu, youre the one Ive been looking for. Its not a lie; well not miss the best time of our lives"

Gu Xijiu smiled and finally, she took the initiative to lean on his shoulder and said, "Stupid." Even if they could not have a wedding ceremony, they would be contented as long as they could be together. Why care about the tradition?

She closed her eyes; and a soft voice crept into her ears, "Little Xijiu, you've fallen for me" Her heart was as though it was being poked by something!

She pretended very well, but her heart skipped a few beats. Of course, it was just a few beats as she knew Long Siye was not serious. So what even if he was? She did not want to be his lover. Although she had many options, she only needed one. Moreover, she has found her one and only, the rest did not matter to her anymore.


At that very moment, Di Fuyi was sitting on a maple tree not far away. He was looking at the cuddling couple somewhere nearby and also listened to her singing at the same time.

Her singing was pretty decent. However, there was still a little flaw in Di Fuyis eyes as he was a perfectionist. He recalled the time she sang for him. He found so many mistakes in her notes and also taught her a lot. However, she was injured this time, so her voice was not as good as it was before and she had insufficient energy to change pitch or to pronounce the lyrics precisely. He could tell her more mistakes, but she was not singing for him this time, it was for Long Siye!

She always liked Long Siye, even in her previous life. She could never let go of the past even when she came here. And now, her dream had come true, right? Di Fuyi retrieved a jug of alcohol from thin air, and he was now holding a glass in his left hand and the jug in his right hand. He kept pouring glass after glass down his throat.

His robe and black hair were dancing in the air as the wind blew. His hair now covered his eyes. He raised his hand and flipped his hair away.

He knew he should go down and separate them and even question Long Siye for not keeping his promise. But he did not feel like going down this time. He did not want her to hate him again. Everything he has done recently only irritated her more.

He had irritated many people in his life, and he had no idea how many of them were mad and wanted revenge. However, he did not bother to give a sh*t about them. So what if everyone hated him? He could not run away from his identity and responsibilities. As long as he had good intentions and honorable goals, he would use any method to accomplish his mission even if he is seen as a devil in everyone's eyes.

As long as he thought it was the right thing to do, he would just do it without hesitation. Di Fuyi never does things to please anyone. But now, even though he knew what he was supposed to do at this moment, he hesitated.

After a brief moment, the couple finally left holding hands. It was a lovely image, but the scene irritated Di Fuyi as they slowly disappeared from his sights. Di Fuyi did not get up and follow them but gulped another glass of wine down his throat. He choked and coughed profusely.

When he managed to stop coughing, he realized that there was some blood in his mouth. He wiped his mouth and looked at the blood on the white handkerchief. He frowned and wanted to melt the handkerchief. However, he suddenly felt that all the vessels and tendons in his body were going to burst when he tried to initiate his power.