The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Its Her Big Day; He Didnt Want To Miss It

"Master!" Mu Feng suddenly arrived at the scene.

Du Fuyi quickly hid the handkerchief into his sleeve, "Whats up?"

"My Lord, Mu Yun sent me a message and said there was no evidence found regarding the murderer who had killed several people in the small town of the Feixing Kingdom. Besides that, those government officials who were sent by the Xuan Emperor had never returned since they went to the village. All of them have gone missing. Emperor Xuan was furious and already sent General Gu to the village this morning."

Di Fuyi frowned and asked, "Did Mu Yun personally check it?"

"Yes, My Lord. Mu Yun went yesterday, but he couldnt find any useful information in the town as it was empty. He couldnt even find a corpse. Besides that, there was no sign indicating that a fight took place. If they were killed, how could that be the case? After all, most of the residents in the town were hunters, and there were around 3000-4000 of them"

Di Fuyi took a sip of his wine and remained silent.

"Master, perhaps the opponent did not intend to distract us but instead wanted to transform the hunters into something evil" Mu Feng shared his speculation.

"Is the place occupied by an evil aura?" Di Fuyi questioned.

Mu Feng shook his head, "That's the strange thing. There is no sign of anything, and we can't even sense any hatred from the dead. The town still looked and felt peaceful. My Lord, is it possible if none of them were killed, but they're all just trapped in somewhere else?"

Di Fuyi remained silent and then continued, "Tell Mu Yun to check again. Focus on the drain, pond, and the well. Check every place that would have water! At the same time, keep an eye on Gu Xietian and Rong Che's movements."

Mu Feng nodded, "Yes, My Lord!"

He turned around and got ready to leave, but stopped as he saw the jug in Di Fuyis hand, "Master, your body is injured, you shouldnt drink too much now."

Most of Di Fuyi's spiritual power was utilized recently. He would lose a significant amount of spiritual power every time he entered the Star Gazing Deck. Initially, he used to rest for at least half a month to one month every time he came out from the Star Gazing Deck. However, he immediately went to Tianju Hall this time. To save Gu Xijius life, he even over-utilized his spiritual power to remove the sword.

It required a lot of spiritual power to remove the dark magic sword.

If Di Fuyi were in excellent condition, it would not be something challenging for him. However, his spiritual power was not even half of what is used to be when he was in his optimal condition. He found it difficult to initiate his power. Although he got the sword out in the end, he also injured himself internally. He would be able to recover in a month if he gets proper rest, but he refused to do so and chose to drink! Mu Feng tried to keep quiet, but he could not hold it anymore, "Master, I feel that you should take a rest for at least half a month"

"Stop nagging, hurry up!" Di Fuyi felt annoyed.

Mu Feng had no choice but to leave.

Di Fuyi raised his head and took another sip of wine. Tomorrow would be her big day; he did not want to miss it.


The beautiful fountains looked like real waterfalls, and the water droplets looked as big as pearls falling from the top to the bottom of the deep pond.

The surroundings were occupied with various types of trees and flowers coupled with beautifully-formed maple leaves which made the scene extraordinarily breathtaking!

It was a hidden gem, and people hardly came here. It was a forbidden place that only The Lord and Celestial Master Zuo could come. People from Tianju Hall were not allowed to enter. Hence, no one would clean it as well. Eventually, the weeds and flowers grew everywhere as though they had invaded the place.

Di Fuyi was soaking in the deep pond. He was obsessed with cleanliness. He would generally clean himself with magic. Unfortunately, his magic was facing a malfunction, and hence, he decided to clean himself here.

The water was crystal clear and ice-cold. He was floating in the water with his eyes closed. This unique water was able to wash off dirt and also help to calm the boiling blood inside his body and speed up the recovery process.