The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 726

Chapter 726: She Didn't Owe Him Any Favors

Gu Xijiu was an alchemist herself. Of course, she knew the value of the medicine. Even Long Siye might not be able to afford to give this to her so frequently. It was unreasonably rare and expensive. Which is why Gu Xijiu did not want to accept it. Since they have broken up, there should be a clear separation.

She walked to Celestial Master Zuo's house, and coincidentally, it was built where The Lord's old courtyard used to be located. Gu Xijiu remembered that it had been demolished into a piece of flat land. She did not expect that only after three months, Celestial Master Zuo would build one here as well. It gave her an uneasy feeling of how quickly things can change.

The arrangement of his courtyard seemed like it had a row of buildings with a dark theme for the exterior. There were three entrances and three exits in the courtyard. Although the style was vastly different from The Lord's taste, Gu Xijiu felt an uncanny familiarity. It was as if one was reading two different novels with entirely different content, but the reader would feel as though the same author wrote the two stories.

Gu Xijiu did not get to see Celestial Master Zuo when she was there, but Mu Feng answered the door when she knocked. Mu Feng was surprised as he did not expect Gu Xijiu to take the initiative to pay a visit in her current condition.

As it was quite late in the night, Gu Xijiu did not feel like entering the house. She passed the medicine to Mu Feng so that he could give it back to Celestial Master Zuo on her behalf as she did not want it or felt that she deserved it.

Mu Feng treated her coldly and did not want to take it. He told her that if she wanted to return it, she should pass it directly to Celestial Master Zuo and avoid making his life more difficult. Gu Xijiu agreed and asked Mu Feng to lead the way. She entered the house so that she could personally return the medicine. However, Mu Feng told her that Celestial Master Zuo was away. He left since the afternoon and had not returned yet.

Celestial Master Zuo liked to be alone, and he was unpredictable. He often did not allow his subordinates to follow him around. Therefore, even Mu Feng did not know where he went. However, Mu Feng told her that Celestial Master Zuo said he would attend her ceremony. So, if she wanted to return the medicine to Celestial Master Zuo, she could personally return it to him tomorrow.

Before letting Gu Xijiu leave, Mu Feng also said a few words which made Gu Xijiu more confused. "If you judge the value of this medicine based on the effort Celestial Master Zuo put in to make it, this medicine was worth nothing. You don't have to take it too seriously. If you think you're insulted by it, you can throw it away." He closed the door after and let Gu Xijiu stand alone outside the door.

Gu Xijiu recalled a few memories between Celestial Master Zuo and herself on the way back; she did not think she needed to feel sorry for him. Although Celestial Master Zuo saved her life many times, he was usually the reason she got into danger in the first place.

The injuries she sustained thanks to Di Fuyi's suggestions during the battle in the arena. If he had just kept quiet, Yun Qingluo would not have been so evil.

If the sword that stabbed her were a regular sword, she would still be okay today as it would be easy to pull out the sword. However, even Long Siye's capabilities were insufficient to protect her. She almost became disabled because of that and still has to endure this chronic pain for the time being.

Of course, Celestial Master Zuo saved her at the end, but he did that with an evil condition and made Long Siye promise not to marry her for the rest of his life! She did not owe him any favors. How could Mu Feng give her the impression that she owed Celestial Master Zuo a million dollars?

The night was cold; she was walking alone slowly in the dark. Her thoughts were also extraordinarily clearer than ever.