The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 727

Chapter 727: She Just Wanted To Get Over This As Soon As Possible

Over the last few days, Gu Xijiu had overheard some gossips as she wandered around. She heard a rumor that Celestial Master Zuo went to Yun Qingluo's place right after he came out from Gu Xijiu's room. He punished her and drilled the sword into her right chest. She also heard that he did not arrange for Yun Qingluo to stay with him but put her in the Firelands as he received the order from The Lord.

The news had been spread all over Tianju Hall, and the truth has finally come to light. In less than a day, Gu Xijiu realized people looked at her differently as though she was Celestial Master Zuos fiancee again. When she was walking together with Long Siye, everyone looked at them strangely.

When Gu Xijiu heard the rumors, her first reaction was not about whether Di Fuyi still liked her or not. Instead, she could not help but wonder what the h*ck this person was going to do again! She felt confused and did not know what Di Fuyi was thinking.

But perhaps it did not matter anyway. Since Gu Xijiu has decided to accept Long Siye, Gu Xijiu chose to stop thinking about all that nonsense. She just wanted to get things sorted out as soon as possible, and not have anyone regret anything.

Perhaps the night was too quiet, and it was triggered her to make her think. She suddenly recalled that Di Fuyi insisted on wanting her to continue fighting until the third battle. Was it because he could foresee the result? Did he know that she would win the final round?

Based on his capabilities, it was possible that he could foresee that. However, even if he knew that Gu Xijiu would win, why did he need to intentionally make the fight with Yun Qingluo more difficult than it needed to be when he knew that she was better than her? Was that going beneficial to her? I guess you can never really tell with Di Fuyi.

To make matters worse, it appeared as though he took Yun Qingluo on a date during Chinese Valentines Day and he even acted as though Gu Xijiu was a stranger and did not bother to talk to her. How could she believe that Celestial Master Zuo still liked her!? It was just crazy. Stupid! How reliable could those rumors be? She had spent half a day thinking about it.

Suddenly, she heard a sound from behind her which sounded like dripping water. She raised her head and paused. She then slowly walked toward the sound and saw a pond below the Nine Dragon Waterfall.

She was here earlier together with Long Siye, and they saw Di Fuyi having his bath. Her place was very far away from here, and she could not believe how she ended up here.

Di Fuyi was still there when she left together with Long Siye earlier. But was he here now? She could not control her curiosity and walked toward the pond to have a look. However, after taking two steps, she felt it was impossible for him to be there still.

She left almost three hours ago. How could Di Fuyi still be here? That would cause his skin to peel off. Even though logically she suspected that he would not be there, since she was already here, might as well take a look.

Thus, she continued to walk further toward the pond. One could see the water under the dim moonlight. However, the ripples from the waterfall made it difficult to know if anyone was in the lake at that moment.

She turned around as she chuckled at herself for doubting her reasoning. However, right at that moment, she saw a red strap under the waterfall. Her heart skipped a beat as she suddenly recalled the red clothes Di Fuyi wore when he was soaking the pond earlier.

She quickly rushed to check.