The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 736

Chapter 736: What Kind Of Relationship Do They Have?

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Did he trust her? But she did not trust him now...

Di Fuyi's veins seemed to be calm after the acupuncture. Gu Xijiu finally felt relieved as she knew the situation was improving. "How are you feeling now?", she asked.

"I I feel better. Xijiu, luckily you're here." He sighed softly but he spoke sweetly.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She could not help but catch a glimpse of him, "Celestial Master Zuo, is that your authentic soul in the shell (his body)?"

He suddenly became so lovely and gentle - that made Gu Xijiu feel uneasy.

Di Fuyi took a glimpse of her and smiled, "Who dares to invade my body?"

He sounded so ferocious and dominant, which was his usual behavior.

Gu Xijiu finally recalled that Celestial Master Zuo was an expert in acting. He even played the role of being a student, Si Chen, who was totally different from his original characteristics.

And now, he really did resemble Si Chen...

He seemed to be like this every time he was weak - he talked nonsense and acted cutely

Perhaps, Gu Xijius acupuncture was really effective, as he looked much better now. However, he was still weak and was leaning on Gu Xijiu.

Under the dimly lit moon and the stars, both of them were leaning against each other beside the pond.

It was cool in the forest especially in the middle of the night. Both of them were still wearing their wet clothes and that made them feel even cooler.

The wind blew and Gu Xijiu sneezed.

"Cold?" He hugged her with his arm so that she could be closer to him, "You feel better now?"

Indeed, she felt warmer, but her heart had skipped a beat!

What kind of relationship do they have?

She has made up her mind to be with Long Siye, while Di Fuyi had also secretly hung out with Yun Qingluo.

Both of them had found their respective partners but how could they be cuddling with each other like that! Initially, she was trying to save him so she was willing to compromise But now...

She immediately got up from the ground.

Her actions were too fast; Di Fuyi who was leaning on her almost fell, but luckily, she managed to support his back and prevent the accident.

"What happ...ened?"

Gu Xijiu did not wait for him to finish asking but let him lean on a big rock, "It's too cold. You stay here, I'm going to collect some dry woods to set a campfire."

Then, she disappeared.

Di Fuyi was speechless.


The campfire was burning on the grassland in front of a big rock.

Gu Xijiu was grilling her wet clothes above the campfire while she was sitting on a small rock in front of the fire. Di Fuyi was still leaning on the big rock, his face looked pale... even the flame had reflected on his face.

His clothes were also wet and the water was dripping down from his hair. He seemed to feel like he was freezing as well until his lips turned pale.

There was guilt in his eyes as he was watching Gu Xijiu working as busy as a bee.

The little girl has yet to recover from the injuries but she was working so hard... He tried hard to stretch his hand to the other arm and a dim white ray was glowing. Space appeared in front of him.

Gu Xijiu who was grilling the clothes was attracted by the white ray. She turned back and saw a virtual space floating in front of her. She was surprised - was in the space storage? She went nearer and took a closer look. Space was huge and everything inside was so tidy.

Di Fuyi took out a set of male clothes and another set for females. He gave her the female one, "Here, put it on."

Gu Xijiu did not plan to be polite to him, so she took it, "Great, Ill change over there, you change yours here." She then left the campfire.