The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Since When Did Your Standard Deteriorate To This Extent

Gu Xijiu found a warmer place and changed her clothes. She felt good after wiping off the water.

The clothes fit her well and the materials were good. It managed to keep her warm.

That scene happened a few months ago as she fell into the water with Celestial Master Zuo as well. He did give her a set of clothes to change that time.

However, he gave her a set of gentlemans clothes and it was too big. She even had to cut and alter it to fit her.

Surprisingly, he had brought along a set of clothes for ladies this time around. Apparently, it was not purchased randomly but specially customized with a unique design and decoration.

Who was supposed to be the owner of the dress?

Did he prepare it for Yun Qingluo?

Suddenly, Gu Xijiu felt uneasy on her chest. She pondered and then took off the dress again.

She suddenly recalled something and quickly opened the Firmament Stones storage space. Oh well, there was really a set of clothes inside. That was the dress Long Siye had bought for her on Chinese Valentines Day; it looked nice and it fitted her well. She liked it very much.

She treasured the dress very much and kept it with all her precious herbs as that was given by Long Siye too.

The storage space of the Firmament Stone was getting bigger. It was only as big as a drawer last time, but it was now the size of a small cabinet.

She kept all her medical equipment, medicines, drugs, even disguise materials in there.

She got many things, so she only kept the important ones in there.

She only kept her normal clothes in the normal storage bag and she did not bring it along, as she was in hurry just now.

Fortunately, she kept this set in the storage space, otherwise, she would need to use the one Di Fuyi gave her, how suffering would she be?

She returned after she changed.

Di Fuyi also changed to a set of new clothes and he was sitting in front of the campfire. As he watched her walking towards the campfire, he said, "Why didnt you put on the one I gave you?"

Gu Xijiu threw the dress back to him, "I cant fit into it, and coincidentally I have one in my storage bag."

Could not fit? Di Fuyi looked at her again, he has hugged her before and he knew her size and measurement. The dress was specially customized according to her size - how was it possible that she could not fit into the dress?

She just did not want to accept what he gave.

He looked at the dress she was wearing and he knew it was not the style she usually liked to wear.

She liked something simple and the one she was wearing was too fancy and the sleeves were too wide, the color of the waist string did not match the overall color as well...

Di Fuyi was a very smart person and he was super observant. He was upset and immediately attacked her by using his evil mouth. He criticized fussily, "This dress is so ugly! The color is too simple and the lower part is too big. The color of the waist string is too light and that made you look fat. The sleeves were too wide and it simply imbalanced with the bottom"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She felt that she should just throw the dress into a dustbin after hearing his comments.

Di Fuyi made a conclusion, "I wont even allow my servants to wear this dress! Since when did your standard deteriorate to this extent?"

Gu Xijiu was irritated!

It was horrible to interact with a perfectionist - he could be extremely fussy and make you start doubting about your life choices!

She smiled evilly, "Yes, this is me! Dont look at me if you dont like it! I like this dress, and I love it very much!"

She twirled around at the same spot, "This is my favorite dress! The only one I like."