The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 739

Chapter 739: He Got Jealous, Its Real...

Gu Xijius pinkish lips curved upward, "If I didnt risk my life, probably Yun Qingluo and her team would have been the winner!"

If that was true, apparently, he was going to give the snow fruit to Yun Qingluo! But since Gu Xijiu won the battle, he just took the opportunity to give it to her. She was not keen!

"Youre meant to be the winner of the battle." Di Fuyi casually said.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and turned around to look at him. She realized he had put on the mask again, "What do you mean?"

Di Fuyi leaned on a huge rock and then looked at her, "You really don't get it?" He laughed and continued, "Gu Xijiu, I know you're good at battling strategies but you can't beat me yet. I've studied your fighting skills and strategical performance with other people recently and I also studied the strengths and weakness of the three of you. Of course, I also studied Yun Qingluo and her team's skills. I already predicted the result roughly even before both of the teams started to fight. Your team would surely lose in the first round and each team had a 50 percent chance to win the second battle. However, your team would definitely win the last battle. If it were to be you, the judges would be able to conclude the result in two battles - your team would have a higher chance to be defeated, hence, if you can enter the final battle, then that will be beneficial to your team!"

Gu Xijiu's heart was pumping faster - she trusted Di Fuyi's judgment as he was way more experienced in battle than anyone else...

She took a breath and argued, "You're right, we'll definitely win if there are three matches, but the winner would need to win two matches. If Yun Qingluo and her team had won the first two rounds, there was not even a chance to proceed to the third one, hence, they would still be the winners"

"You were lacking experience in the first match, hence, your team would definitely lose the game in an hour. However, your team managed to sustain four hours without a sign of defeat. The opponents wouldn't be able to win if they don't use special strategies, so the probability of a draw is higher. Since it was compulsory to find out the winners and the losers, the judges could change the terms and conditions on a whim. Whichever team wins three games out of five would be victorious. And once your team gets to the third battle, you'll definitely win because Yun Qingluo's team was not able to compete with your battling strategies."

Gu Xijiu remained silent, as he had a pair of sharp eyes. What he said was almost similar to what she predicted.

Did he actually know it from the very beginning, so he only took the fruit as a reward?

But, but... he was supposed to stand on Yun Qingluos side right?

His actions towards Yun Qingluo on the night of Chinese Valentines Day did not seem to be what a normal friend would do...

He was always a careful person, no one would know what he was going to do. How reliable was he?

Carefully speaking, what were his intentions and objectives if everything he said was true? What kind of plan did he have, even if everything was expected and what did he want to achieve by giving the snow fruit to her?

Does he still love her?

Gu Xijiu tried to recall everything he had done since she got injured and made a conclusion.

No matter if he liked her or not, he was definitely jealous...

However, jealous does not necessarily mean love. Sometimes, it was because of the effect of dominance or desire.

After all, she was his former fiance and she was the one who requested to annul the engagement. Based on his arrogant personality, he must be very upset and tried very hard to make her his...

At the same time, he definitely wanted Yun Qingluo as well, since both of them had spent time together on Chinese Valentines Day.