The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Is That His Karma?

Di Fuyi was sitting there alone. He was still leaning at the big rock and calmly looking at the numerous pairs of green glowing eyes appearing from the bushes nearby...

He knew there was a group of ferocious leopards.

The ferocious leopard was an animal with a level five spiritual power. Their fangs could tear off anything and they liked to attack in a group. They would not let the target go once they had spotted their preys.

He tried to look for the jade card but could not find it. It was probably at the bottom of the pond.

It was such a bad day for him with so many misfortunes. He sighed softly and realized he should not be too reckless as he was going to pay the price now.

He had lost too much of his spiritual power recently and should not drink alcohol now. He even needed to meditate for three days and three nights coupled with some medicine to recover.

However, he just wanted to drink whenever he was upset and he only liked liquor and wine!

He even got drunk this time...

Drinking at this moment was equally bad as taking drugs, hence, he realized all his spiritual power were gone when he was awake from being drunk.

His body was as soft as kneaded dough...

He was not faking it when he leaned on Gu Xijiu.

However, although he had lost his power, his hearing was still good and was able to notice when Long Siye came.

He did not want Long Siye to notice his abnormality. In fact, he did not want anyone to know!

Therefore, he kept leaning on the bid rock when he was talking to them. Luckily, he used to be arrogant and always talked to Long Siye and other heavens gift disciple by lying down on the chair without considering courtesy. Thus, Long Siye did not find it strange and left with Gu Xijiu.

After they left, Di Fuyi could not sit still anymore and his face was covered with a layer of sweat.

He managed to take out some medicine from his storage space and consumed it. However, the ferocious leopards had already arrived when he had not even meditated for an hour...

Di Fuyi flipped his wrist over, and a soft sword came out from the sheath. The sword was very shiny and the brightness had made his eyebrows shone as well.

He began to analyze the possibility for him to escape safely. There were a total of 18 ferocious leopards; he could only kill eight of them all together at once based on his current power, and the rest would definitely rush into his body...

His protective spiritual power would be able to prevent him from being eaten by the leopards, but most probably he would be dragged into the jungle...

After all these years, that was the first time he got himself into such a pitiful situation. Indeed, he was too self-centered and thought he could just neglect everything as he was a god.

Is that his karma?

At this point, no one would be able to help, not even the heaven and the earth...


Gu Xijiu thought she must have gone crazy!

Perhaps, her brain was damaged since she had dived into the water for so long!

Initially, the plan was to sleep but she felt her heart burning since she lied down. All she could think was the image of Di Fuyi leaning on the big rock.

Even the image of the mermaid silk-moonlight dress flashed across her mind. She only managed to touch it for a second before he burned it.

He was the only one who would do such thing! What a waste!

As she thought about the dress and the campfire, she seemed to recall there were not many kinds of wood left in the fire...

It could only last for another hour if no one was there to add any wood.

That place was very dangerous once the fire had burned out, especially midnight.

He should have left, right?

Otherwise, he would be a living mosquito bait.

But, what if he really could not move?