The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 743

Chapter 743: She Felt She Was As Though Being Possessed By A Saint

Of course, that kind of situation would hardly happen as he was so mighty.

But, what about 'if'? What if it really happened?

Gu Xijiu felt that was her first time feeling so indecisive; she felt she was as though possessed by a Saint...

She flipped around a few times on the bed and finally got up and sat on the bed.

Damn it! She might as well go and have a look rather than flipping around all night long on the bed.

It would be great if he had left; it was not a big deal for her to go through a little hassle.

She instantly teleported there.

Based on her current physical condition, she was not supposed to teleport, besides, the pond was quite far away from her room and she even needed to teleport twice to reach there.

While teleporting, she also scolded herself for being so stupid. One minute later, she had arrived beside the pond...

She was sweating when she managed to see clearly.

The campfire was no longer burning and a few leopards were lying on the ground nearby the big rock where Di Fuyi was leaning earlier. Blood was all over the floor and there was even a sword full of blood lying beside the rock...

There was a drag marking on the ground and it continued at the direction into the jungle. Most of the plants were terribly destroyed along the marking...

Gu Xijiu quickly checked on the drag marking and realized it was a human!

Di Fuyi has been dragged into the jungle! No one else! Gu Xijiu immediately chased after it by following the marking.

Finally, she found him.

He was lying on the ground, but he seemed to be protected by a layer of wizardry membrane and five leopards were running forward while they were biting the membrane...

Di Fuyis eyes were closed as he was lying in the membrane, not sure if he had fainted or that he was trying to restore some energy.

Gu Xijiu cursed softly; she was praising herself for being smart enough to expect these while trying to figure out a solution to save Di Fuyi.

She definitely could not attack aggressively as she was still injured.

Poison might be a good idea.

However, the ferocious leopard seemed to be carrying highly poisonous genes; regular poison could not kill them. She needed a stronger poison.

She quickly searched her storage bag but did not manage to find a suitable one. She only found a strong anesthetic which was even able to put an elephant to sleep.

Even if the leopards were not afraid of poison, they should be afraid of the anesthetic. At the very least, it should be able to put them to sleep or induce dizziness in them for a few minutes.

Gu Xijiu applied the anesthetic on the silver needles and quickly followed the leopards. Suddenly, she shouted aloud somewhere 100 feet away from them!

It was working; the leopards turned around and ran over when they heard her voice. Gu Xijiu quickly flicked the needles toward the leopards...

Those leopards immediately rushed towards her when they noticed her.

Gu Xijiu was super accurate as every single needle poked right into the leopard's eyes.

Gu Xijiu retreated and counted in her heart, "One, two, three"

When she counted until seven, all the leopards finally fell towards the ground like a group of drunk men.

Gu Xijiu pulled out a sword and sliced on their neck one by one.

Somehow, she felt that stabbing their hearts was not safe enough, so she had to chop off their head to guarantee her safety.

Apparently, she had underestimated the softness of the leopards skin. She still did not manage to cut their skin even after a few strikes. However, she had almost hurt her wrist.

Probably, she could only kill them with her spiritual power, otherwise, there was nothing much she could do.

The leopards were very strong; it was not long ago when they felt dizzy and fell onto the ground, but they already began trying to open their eyes now...

Sh*t! It would be too late for her to rescue Di Fuyi should the leopards regain their consciousness.