The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Alright! Your Call

Gu Xijiu could only give up to kill the leopards and go straight to Di Fuyi. He had already opened his eyes; the starry sky was reflected in his eyes and they were sparkling when he looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, I have a place in your heart!"

Gu Xijiu paused; she was too lazy to talk nonsense with him and they did not have time for that, too.

She bent down to carry him, quickly teleported and disappeared when the leopards were still feeling dizzy.


Gu Xijiu was really busy that night, she was exhausted. Coupled with the injuries she had as well as carrying a heavy body with her, she did not manage to teleport too far away but only two kilometers away from the leopards.

That was definitely not a safe distance, hence, she continued to teleport after catching her breath. She improved this time, and managed to teleport three kilometers.

The two continuous teleportations made her feel dizzy. She looked at Di Fuyi and suggested, "Di Fuyi, I think its time for you to lose some weight!"

In fact, Di Fuyi had a perfect body. He would be considered fat if he had gained 100 grams and likewise, would be considered skinny if he loses 100 grams. He would kick the person out of the milky way if someone had dared to complain that he was too fat. However, he was totally fine with Gu Xijiu's complaint, he smiled and said gently, "Alright, your call."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She felt strange as Celestial Master Zuo used to be very evil but he was so obedient this time.

She took a further look and realized she needed to teleport at least another two to three times before they could reach Di Fuyis house

They heard the roars of the leopards from afar. Apparently, they were awake! They would probably be here anytime soon.

Thus, Gu Xijiu teleported again.

After three teleportations continuously, Gu Xijiu finally arrived Tianju Hall. She carried Di Fuyi and entered the school; they could see Di Fuyi's door from far...

Gosh! They were finally back!

Gu Xijiu was extremely relieved. She was really exhausted and burnt out. She felt relaxed and suddenly everything turned dark and she fell. Coincidentally, when she fell, she hit Di Fuyis forehead and also hit the fox eye on his strap...

She felt very dizzy and lost her consciousness after that.


Gu Xijiu had finally awakened. She had no idea how long she had been sleeping for. She smelled a mild fragrance - a very familiar aroma which only belonged to Di Fuyi!

She tried very hard to open her eyes and saw silver bed drapes with tassels.

Her thought was slow as she slowly blinked her eyes. She noticed that those were not her bed drapes and hers were not as luxurious as this...

Thus, she blinked her eyes again and looked around after focusing her attention.

She could see that the design and layout of the room were very stylish and luxurious, with translucent bed drapes.

The partition, the furniture, the vases, the tripod furnace...

Every single piece had represented the status of the owner.

Gu Xijiu raised her hand and softly knocked on her temples, there was no second person who would design the house this way.

Di Fuyi, Celestial Master Zuo!

Yes, that was Di Fuyis bedroom!

The image before she fainted flashed across her mind, she finally got it.

She fainted in front of Di Fuyis house after she brought him back, and probably Mu Feng got the news and quickly brought them back into the house...

No, wait!

If both of them were rescued, she should be in the guest room instead of Di Fuyis bedroom!

If she was sleeping in there, then where would Di Fuyi sleep?