The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 746

Chapter 746: He Was Definitely Trying To Kill Himself

Countless of questions were lingering in her head. She coughed and talked to herself, she hopelessly realized that was also Di Fuyis voice, it was real!

She possessed Celestial Master Zuos body; that was definitely a breaking news if the secret was to be exposed!

She pondered while sitting on the chair and she realized she did not have any memories of Di Fuyi...

When she came here from the modern world and possessed the body of General Gu's daughter, she also inherited her memories.

But this time when she possessed Di Fuyis body, she did not have his memories! What was happening?

Her memories still belonged to herself, and nothing was wrong.

Now, she had possessed Di Fuyi's body, what about her body? Was it dead? Or someone else had possessed her body? Perhaps, she had exchanged the body with Di Fuyi?

Gu Xijiu used to be a very strong and calm kid, but she felt a little helpless this time.

She took a deep breath and tried very hard to calm herself so that she could accept such a strange reality.

It was only up to this point had she realized her body was so weak. She felt empty in her chest as most of the blood vessels were exhausted.

She was sweating crazily once she got up...

She pondered as she frowned and wondered whether it was the side effect of possession? Or because of the body itself? After all, his body was indeed devoid of strength last night when she saved him...

However, the body was so much better compared to last night. At least, she could move like a normal human.

She tried to exercise her limbs as she was sitting on the chair so that she could adapt to it. When she just got up and decided to look for her body after checking outside...

Mu Lei came with a happy face upon opening the door, "Master, youre finally awake! How are you feeling? You really scared me last night; both of you and Miss Gu fainted outside the door" Mu Lei could not stop talking about what happened last night.

Apparently, he was not aware that was not his masters soul in the body but someone else...

Gu Xijiu did not interrupt and allowed him to finish talking. She made two conclusions based on the information she got from Mu Lei. Celestial Master Zuo was a mystical person and he did not like his subordinates to follow him around. If he did not contact his subordinates, they would not dare disturb him. Besides that, Celestial Master Zuo had a habit of hanging out alone at night, hence, it was normal if he did not come back for the entire night. Therefore, Mu Feng would not even realize even if he did not come back last night.

Secondly, Celestial Master Zuo had consumed too much of his spiritual power recently, he was risking his life when he helped Gu Xijiu to remove the sword from her body and hurt his blood vessels. Thus, he should not drink any alcoholic drinks during this period, otherwise, his injuries could grow much worse...

After drawing the conclusions, Gu Xijiu felt touched but also thought Celestial Master Zuo somehow deserved to suffer.

Why would he wander around when he was injured? He even soaked himself in the pond inside the forest when he was drunk He was definitely trying to kill himself!

However, she was more concerned about another issue, "Wheres Miss Gu? Has she awaken?"

Mu Lei answered, "She fainted, I didn't dare to make any rash decision and bring her into the house as I was worried it might affect her reputation. I've sent her back to Fengling Court last night" He then took a look at his master's expression and continued, "Don't worry, My Lord. I've checked her pulse, she was just exhausted and had fainted. Her wounds were well taken care of. She would probably wake up soon."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She turned around and left, "I'll take a look at her!"

Gu Xijiu was good at acting and could be anyone after she disguised.