The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 747

Chapter 747: How Is She Now

Gu Xijiu was good at acting and she turn into anyone after she disguised. Coupled with the body she possessed, it was the authentic body of Di Fuyi and she was familiar with him, she really looked exactly like Di Fuyi when she pretended to be him. Even Mu Lei could not recognize her in a short period of time.

Mu Lei was happy, his master finally visited Miss Gu without hiding! Perhaps, he finally aware of his love and decided to get her back!?

Indeed, his master should put more effort! If he still could not stop hesitating, Overlord Long would rob away his wife soon!

In fact, Mu Lei has heard many rumors about Long Siye and Gu Xijiu in the last two days. He felt so annoyed and depressed for his master. He knew both of them were quite close to each other recently and Long Siye also visited Miss Gu every day. Many people even saw them hanging out together hand-in-hand...

Mu Lei was so mad as he knew his master would feel the same as well!

However, his master did not want to show it on his face even though he felt hurt. He went missing and suddenly appeared randomly in the last two days. He never let go of his wine bottle.

However, he did not dare to give him any advice but was only able to be worried about him.

Finally, his master knew what he was supposed to do now! He had started his attack!

Hopefully, he could still make it!

Since his master did not say he should not follow him, Mu Lei decided to follow his master.

His master was injured last night and had even fainted.

The journey to Fengling Court was not smooth at all. Along the way, Gu Xijiu bumped into many teachers and students; all of them greeted her as they saw her.

No matter where Gu Xijiu passed, all of the people quickly knelt down to pay their respect.

Le Qingxing and Le Zixing also knelt down. The way they looked at Celestial Master Zuo' was strange, as though they were looking at a jerk.

Gu Xijiu was too lazy to bother about them. She only wanted to know whether Celestial Master Zuo and she had exchanged their body!

When she arrived at Fengling Court, she bumped into Gu Canmo. He seemed to just finish visiting Gu Xijiu' and quickly greeted her as he saw Celestial Master Zuo' there, "Celestial Master Zuo, you're here to see Miss Gu?"

Gu Xijiu took the opportunity to ask, "How is she now?"

Gu Canmo answered, "I didnt know Celestial Master Zuo cared about her so much. Dont worry, shes a tough girl and her wounds are recovering. She ate quite a lot this morning, I believe she would recover soon."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Which means, her body was awake?! And she ate a lot...

"What is she doing now?" Gu Xijiu continued to ask.

"Uhh, she is probably talking to Overlord Long. Overlord Long had just arrived when I came out. He is really nice to Xijiu, he comes a few times in a day" Gu Canmo was trying to hint something to him...

Gu Xijiu had a bad instinct!

If Di Fuyi was the one possessing her body, he would definitely fool around with Long Siye!

F*ck! It was all going to be f*cked up!

Gu Xijiu could not afford to continue talking to Gu Canmo, hence, she turned around and left.

She could still hear Gu Canmo mumbling from behind, "You realized her importance only now? I guess its too late now!"

Once she stepped into the courtyard, she saw Long Siye coming out from the house. She had no idea what Gu Xijiu had spoken to Long Siye in the house as he looked pale and could hardly walk properly as though he had just received very terrible news.

Subconsciously, Gu Xijiu called him, "Long Siye."