The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Where Did He Go?

Among the attendees, Gu Xijiu noticed Yan Chen who was busy attending to his mates. Gu Xijiu knew that most of the seniors came to her party because Yan Chen was present. It was not to celebrate her achievements or birthday.

Gu Xijiu continued looking around and noticed Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu. Both of them had arrived early and were busy attending to guests. They were the most energetic among the group and looked as if they were celebrating their [1] 15th birthday! Gu Xijiu was ecstatic to see them so jovial and elated!

Suddenly, all three of them sensed that someone was staring at them. In their eyes, it was Celestial Master Zuo! Lan Waihu froze for a moment. She recalled the time when "Celestial Master Zuo" removed Gu Xijiu's pants and her scarred memory terrified her. Lan Waihu pursed her lips tightly and glared back at him. As for Yan Chen and Qian Lingyu, they probably did not like Di Fuyi either because they thought that he was the main reason why Gu Xijiu got injured. They frowned upon realizing that he was observing them.

Yan Chen was relatively calm. He just frowned but did not do anything else. Qian Lingyu, on the other hand, was more responsive than Yan Chen. He stared back at "Di Fuyi" as if he was challenging him. Gu Xijiu calmly looked away and continued to sip the tea in front of her. She decided to look towards to the door expecting Di Fuyi to arrive with her body.

Where did he go? Would he not show up to the party? If he did so, Gu Xijiu would be the one who offended everyone. Suddenly, a commotion broke out at the front door. Gu Xijiu thought that Di Fuyi finally showed up with her body. However, the person who came in was Long Siye.

Long Siye recalled his promise to her that he would not wear a mask in front of her. It was Gu Xijiu's big day today. Therefore, he came without his usual disguise. Long Siye was a very attractive man. Every single gesture of his was very charming and engaging.

Although he was more than 100 years old, he still looked like he was 20 years old. Coupled with his charm as a wealthy and experienced man, he seemed very outstanding compared to the students in Tianju Hall. As a result, when Long Siye arrived, he attracted a lot of attention from the female students.

Although many females would stare at Long Siye, the attention Di Fuyi received was significantly better. When Gu Xijiu casually turned around, she received several winks from the female students present.

Gu Xijiu felt pleased when she saw Long Siye. She stood up and greeted him as Di Fuyi, "Hi, Overlord Long."

Long Siye looked at her and said coldly, "Celestial Master Zuo is so early today. It seems like Celestial Master Zuo cares a lot about Gu Xijiu." Gu Xijiu could sense the hostility from Long Siye.

After Long Siye finished his sentence, he ignored her and sat down in the seat designated to him by Gu Canmo. Gu Xijiu sighed in her heart and sat down again. It seemed like she could not have a proper conversation with Long Siye using Di Fuyis body.

"Gu Xijiu" had still not arrived even though it was time for the party to start. Gu Canmo tried to ask "Celestial Master Zuo" about her whereabouts, "Celestial Master Zuo, why has Xijiu not arrived yet?"

When Gu Xijiu was about to answer, someone came in and reported, "Miss Gu has arrived!"

Gu Canmo and everyone else at the party was relieved. Gu Xijiu looked up, and she was stunned!