The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 758

Chapter 758: Because He Cared

Qian Lingyu never understood why, but he always looked up to Gu Xijiu as though she was royalty. He essentially worshipped her. Hence, Gu Xijiu's sudden rejection of his approach was puzzling. Fortunately, Di Fuyi could respond to the situation in time, "Whats wrong with my appearance? Don't I look pretty?"

Qian Lingyu quickly replied, "You're beautiful! Very beautiful! Xijiu you look stunning in this dress!"

Di Fuyi laughed, "You have good taste! I also think that I look pretty in this dress!"

Di Fuyi then turned around and noticed Long Siye staring at "him." He raised his eyebrows and intentionally asked, "Overlord Long, do I look pretty in this dress?"

What else could Long Siye say? His face turned slightly pale, but he still nodded his head in acknowledgment, "Yes, you look pretty!"

Di Fuyi smiled contentedly. He was using Gu Xijius body now, so he was the primary person of the day. It was regrettable that he had to sit next to Long Siye the entire day.

Long Siye smiled, "Xijiu, come and sit down here."

Di Fuyi glanced at the seat but then made a request from Gu Canmo, "Headmaster Gu, today is my 15th birthday. Should I sit beside the organizer?"

It was appropriate for the birthday girl to sit next to the organizer of the party, so his request was reasonable. The organizer of the banquet was Di Fuyi, which meant she was supposed to sit beside him.

However, the reason why Gu Canmo arranged the seating this way was that he thought that Gu Xijiu would not be willing to sit beside Di Fuyi. Therefore, he arranged for her to sit beside Long Siye. However, he was wrong! He never expected that she would have such request.

Since "Gu Xijiu" had requested for it, Gu Canmo could not reject the request. Long Siye slightly pursed his lips in confusion. His face was even paler than before.

Gu Xijiu was secretly frustrated. She talked to him through directed audio, "Di Fuyi, dont be too egregious!"

Di Fuyi replied, "Was I?"

"Everything you do will mislead other people, and they will think that I am still attached to you!"

Di Fuyi's eyes dimmed then he sighed, "It is I who is still attached to you."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She paused for a moment before replying coldly, "I dont care!"

Di Fuyi did not speak.

Gu Xijiu was a bit anxious. She had made up her mind to be with Long Siye and wanted to cut off the relationship with Di Fuyi completely. She never expected that such a strange phenomenon would happen to her.

Now that she had swapped bodies with Di Fuyi, there seemed to be no way to be separated from him.

The real Gu Xijiu was still holding her teacup as she critically reflected on the situation. She was thinking of what should be her next step. Suddenly, Di Fuyi spoke to her through directed audio, "Xijiu, now that we have swapped bodies, we can't let anyone else know about it. Not even Long Siye. He is very detail-oriented. If I sit beside him, he would have realized that it was not you. Therefore, I need to sit beside you so that we can take care of each other."

His explanation was quite reasonable, and Gu Xijiu accepted it. Finally, she felt slightly better and calmed down a little. Di Fuyi saw that she was relieved and knew that she was no longer frustrated with him. Hence, he calmed down too before teasing himself in his heart. He had been living in this world for so long but had never been so cautious before. It was all because he cared about her.