The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 765

Chapter 765: Congratulations, This Is For You

With Gu Xijiu's body, Di Fuyi served tea to the elders who were present. As she watched him, she could not stop herself from picturing a scenario. It was so similar to a wife serving tea on the first day of marriage.

Lan Waihu followed "Gu Xijiu" around like a little servant. She filled the cups so that he could quickly serve the tea. The first one to be served had to be Celestial Master Zuo. To her Lan Waihu's relief, Gu Xijiu took the tea. Celestial Master Zuo would typically avoid taking drinks from anyone, so there was a sense of doubt earlier. How could "Celestial Master Zuo" refuse though, it was so rare for Di Fuyi to serve anyone tea. The tea was extraordinary.

In return, "Celestial Master Zuo" gave Gu Xijiu the purple bag as a gift. She knew clearly that Di Fuyi was very wealthy. None of the things that he had given her was cheap. A high-quality bag in itself could be considered as a precious gift. Right behind Di Fuyi, Qian Lingyu was responsible for helping carry the gifts. Gu Xijiu placed the purple bag on his plate and responded formally, "Xijiu, congratulations, this is for you."

The bag rolled onto the plate, and a bright-red pendant fell out. Gu Xijiu was bewildered, as she had not realized that the bag was carrying something in it. However, the gift had already been given out. It would be too embarrassing to take it back now.

Gu Xijiu took a look at the pendant. Its size was equivalent to an egg of a pigeon. As it lied there, its charm shined like a red sun. Gu Xijiu was able to recognize rare treasurers, but right at the moment, she could not tell the material of the pendant. All she could tell is that it looked extravagant. The rest of her thoughts were focused on finding reasons to take the jewelry back.

To her surprise, the pendant attached itself to Gu Xijiu's neck. A silver necklace appeared from the side of the pendant and spiraled around her neck. Gu Xijiu froze as she watched, unable to grasp what had just happened.

A voice could be heard from the crowd, "Double-Wing! It is a Double-Wing Stone!'

Gu Xijiu apparently did not know a thing about this Double-Wing Stone. Her Mr. Know-It-All, the Firmament Stone, was now on Di Fuyi's wrist. Ever since they switched bodies, she had not heard from it at all. Right at this moment, it could not help her with the information that she needed.

However, she could tell that the stone was extraordinarily invaluable. Otherwise, the manager of Tianju Hall, who was accustomed to seeing such things, would not have gasped in great astonishment. He did not only recognize the Double-Wing Stone; he even knew the bag, "Celestial Master Zuo, isn't it isn't it the Na Tian Bag? Oh my god, it is the Na Tian Bag!"

Gu Xijiu did not say a thing.

She had heard of the Na Tian Bag. Its quality was considered as the best of the best. According to legend, only Celestial Master Zuo and The Lord had these bags. An ordinary premium storage bag could only carry objects. No matter how big its size, it could not bring any living things. Only non-living items.

However, the Na Tian Bag was known to have massive space, and there was nothing that it could not carry. More importantly, it was able to carry living things as well, such as majestic creatures and even humans.

The bag was one of a kind. Its exact value was impossible to be known, as it was very exclusively available to some people only. Not many had seen it before, and most people would not even think about owning it.

To everyone's surprise, Celestial Master Zuo was really generous to give out such a precious gift.