The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 768

Chapter 768: They Were Not On The Same Page

Soon, everything was packed away in the storage bag. Despite storing so many presents, the bag still looked like it was empty.

Finally, the ceremony had come to an end.


Some left upset, while others were thrilled. The ceremony was a huge success! In stark contrast, Yun Qingluos courtyard sounded a little too quiet as no one was there beside her. Her injuries were more severe than Gu Xijiu's. Some of her ribs were broken, and Di Fuyi even stabbed a sword into her chest.

Although Yun Qingluo used her blood to melt the sword, the wound was still there. Besides that, her broken ribs only got treated recently.

Ordinary people might need 100 days to recover from those kinds of internal injuries, but Yun Qingluo only needed eight to 10 days to heal. However, the injuries in her heart were significantly worse than that of her body's.

In fact, Celestial Master Zuo always treated her coldly; he only interacted with her on work matters. However, she gave him everything and refused to give up. It was just like a moth attracted to a flame.

Other girls might have committed suicide if they encountered such bad treatment from Di Fuyi, but Yun Qingluo was a stubborn person. She was obsessed with him and never regretted loving him. Nonetheless, it became apparent that they were not on the same page as her love was never reciprocated.

Finally, someone came to visit her in the evening. It was Yun Qingluos best friend - Lin Feiyin. It was evident that she just came from a party. She brought some food for Yun Qingluo and never stopped mentioning how fantastic the atmosphere was at Gu Xijiu's ceremony. She even said that Celestial Master Zuo had given many expensive gifts to Gu Xijiu.

Yun Qingluo received the news as though a few knives stabbed into her heart. She did not say anything and she did not want to say anything.

She did not want to embarrass herself. Initially, she planned to shame Gu Xijiu, but she did not expect to be the one who got humiliated in the end.

Lin Feiyin came and left abruptly, while Yun Qingluos heart was once again on fire! Why? Why!? She was way better than Gu Xijiu! Why was Gu Xijiu able to attract all the attention? Why!!!?

Everyone has a different perception of love; if Gu Xijiu were in her position, she would just let go if the other party had no intention to love her, regardless how much she loved him. She might be sad when he finds someone else, but she would give her genuine blessing.

If you love someone, you hope for the best for them. You would pray for him to find his happiness even if you are not the one making him smile. And at the very least, you would not try to destroy his happiness.

However, Yun Qingluo did not think it that way. Her love was stubborn and aggressive. She would attack his beloved if she could not get his love. She would ruin everything. Gu Xijiu did not even attack her before, but Yun Qingluo took her as her enemy and tried to destroy her.

Just like this time, she did not reflect her mistakes when she lost the game but instead tried to blame Gu Xijiu. She wondered why everyone protected her and forgave her, but no one bothered to visit her. It was probably because of Di Fuyi. Everyone in Tianju Hall was just wolves!