The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 780

Chapter 780: How Could He Hug Me Just Like That?

"Of course I asked her to leave." Di Fuyi did not really care about her.

Suddenly, he raised his head and saw some sauce at the edge of Gu Xijius lips. He was really obsessed with cleanliness, he could not bear looking at it and helped her to wipe it away, "I have no idea how your mouth gets so oily by just eating the fish"

Right at that moment, both of them were so close to each other.

Gu Xijiu smelled the familiar fragrance of his body again...

She was stunned and suddenly looked up.

Since he was very close to her, her lips rubbed on his chin when she raised her head.

She was stunned, and his body was stiff as well.

"Both of you" Suddenly, the door was opened.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and naturally turned around. She saw Long Siye standing there with a depressed expression. He looked very pale and there was a bowl of medicine in his hand. However, the bowl fell to the ground and smashed to pieces, with what was left of the soup had spilled all over the place.

Gu Xijiu could not speak a word.

Subconsciously, she pushed Di Fuyi away who was still less than half a foot away from her...

Di Fuyi was not alert and stepped backward when she pushed him. Suddenly, someone held her waist at the back, "Xijiu!"

Di Fuyi was trembling as he felt so uncomfortable being held by a man!

Of course, he knew what happened, so he pushed his elbow backward!

Although Gu Xijius body was injured, it was almost recovering after Di Fuyi had put effort to heal it. Coupled with many different skills and martial arts he had, the recovery progress was faster than normal.

His elbow hit Long Siyes waist and that was enough to cause a painful feeling on the weakest acupoint. Long Siye moaned and immediately bent down, grimacing.

Di Fuyi glared at him fiercely, as he felt disgusted!

Everything changed too fast, Gu Xijius eyes and mouth were wide opened and they subconsciously drew closer to Long Siye, "Long Siye"

Long Siye immediately straightened his back and glared at Gu Xijiu. His gaze was sharp and cold.

That was the first time Gu Xijiu saw that kind of gaze in his eyes. Subconsciously, she stepped back.

Long Siye moved his gaze and glared at Di Fuyi, "Xijiu, you like him, so does that mean you dont love me anymore?"

He smiled awkwardly and left!

Gu Xijius mouth was slightly open. She rushed forward but Long Siye had gone far away!

Gu Xijiu stood at the same spot for a while and then rushed towards Di Fuyi. She grabbed his top and asked angrily, "Di Fuyi, why did you hit him?!"

Di Fuyi was mad as well, "How could he hug me just like that?!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She let go of his top and squatted down.

Di Fuyi looked at her and pondered, while squatting down beside her, "Xijiu, Im actually happy."

Gu Xijiu wanted to kick his ass, but she knew she would be kicking herself if she really did it. She decided to let it go and said, "Why are you happy? Youre taking great pleasure at my expense!"

Di Fuyi sighed softly, "You didnt rush to explain the reason even when you were so mad just now; it proves that youre worried about me. Theres a place for me in your heart"

Gu Xijiu felt miserable and annoyed, "You think too much! That's because Im not a reckless person. Besides, I keep my promise. Its a matter of trust, and it has nothing to do with you!"