The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 79

Chapter 79: I Dont Accept Any Other Types of Thanksgiving

Rong Jialuo was surprised with her foresight. He paused for a moment before he said frankly, "ErrIm really curious about you"

"You don't have to!" Gu Xijiu interrupted, "Its just a trade between us, Your Highness. You helped me bid for this bracelet and in return, I heal your illness. When you are healed later, it'll be over and done with. Thus, you don't have to know my name."

Rong Jialuo coughed, "If you could heal my recurring illness, then you are my lifesaver. That bracelet will be worthless in comparison to repay my debt of gratitude to you, so I want"

"A million!" Gu Xijiu suddenly spat out two words.

Rong Jialuo, "Ah?"

"If you feel sorry, pay me another million ounces of silver after I have healed your chronic illness." Gu Xijiu said indifferently while her fingers were turning the silver needle lightly, "Apart from that, I won't accept any other type of thanksgiving."

Rong Jialuo choked, "This"

"If you arent willing to, just ignore what I said." Gu Xijiu did not force him because it was her extra term and even if he rejected, he was not breaking the promise.

Rong Jialuo said nothing anymore.

As a crown prince, he could actually afford a million ounces of silver, hence, he agreed.

As Gu Xijiu earned extra, she said with happiness in her heart, "Your Highness, well need to place another three needles. Please continue." Rarely, she continued explaining, "The needle I placed just now, is just anchoring its tail and we'll need to place another three to remove it completely."

Rong Jialuo, "" In order to cure his illness, he gnashed his teeth to continue the self-touching. Nonetheless, he requested too, "Can you please let me know when you place the needles?"

"No! Such an opportunity slips through easily, we don't have time to do so." Gu Xijiu replied coldly.

Alright! It should be alright as he thought he would know.

Time slowly went by. After about an hour later, Gu Xijiu finally placed her last needle.

Each needle was akin to a sudden attack, and the pain caused was an extreme one.

Nonetheless, Rong Jialuo was indeed a tough man. He did not twitch during the placement of the last few needles.

When Gu Xijiu finally embedded the last needle, she was relieved. Then, she suddenly turned to the back of Rong Jialuo and slapped quickly on a few points on his naked back with her two little hands.

A few rays of light flashed through and the silver needles were popping out in unison from Rong Jialuo's chest.

With Gu Xijius little hand beckoning, that few silver needles fell on her palm and a worm was seen struggling at the tip of the needle.

That worm was just half an inch long, but its end was thick, its mouthpart was needle-like, eyes red like blood and its whole body was surrounded by a mysterious blue light. It looked very demonic.

"So, this is the Tianming poison?" Rong Jialuo could not believe his eyes. This was the small little thing that deterred him from practicing for the last two years?

Gu Xijiu was slightly shaking that worm on the tip of the needle. That worm squeaked and cocked up its head, wanting o bite.

"Burn!" Gu Xijiu threw the worm together with the needle on a piece of white paper.