The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 791

Chapter 791: Did You Have A Dirty Dream

Gu Xijiu did not want him to hold her hand and quickly stepped forward to avoid it, "I never thought youd be so good at designing landscapes, Celestial Master Zuo is really talented, isn't he?"

Di Fuyi smiled, "Nah, would you be interested to design it? Perhaps, you can plant some flowers or change the layout, or something you like"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Its fine, Im not interested." She looked up to the sky and realized it was late already, "Im tired, I think I should go back to rest now. Just call me when its time for practice." Then, she left.

Di Fuyi stood there and watched her as she walked far away.

She seemed to have been affected when Mu Feng demolished the house...

The second practice was smoother than the first time as Gu Xijiu hardly made any mistakes. Of course, things continued to change throughout the process, but Di Fuyi was still there to remind and guide her in time.

She managed to complete the practice in four hours as she did not make any big mistake.

It was almost three o'clock in the morning when she finished her practice. Gu Xijiu quickly took a nap and she woke up very late in the next morning as she had many dreams.

She yawned and opened the bed drapes. Di Fuyi was sitting on the bed opposite her and he seemed to have just finished practice. He greeted her as he saw her opening the bed drapes, "Good morning."

Suddenly, his gaze moved downwards and stopped at a specific spot on her body.

Gu Xijiu was quite sensitive in front of him and she moved her gaze downward as well by following his. And then, she was stiff!

She was sleeping in her pajamas, however, there was a tight spot at the bottom right now as something was standing upright!

Di Fuyis looked at it with a strange gaze.

Gu Xijiu quickly grabbed the blanket and cover it! She could not help but blushed, "Pervert!"

Di Fuyi laughed, "Did you have a dirty dream?"

"No!" Gu Xijiu tried to argue. Indeed, she had some dreams but she could not remember what exactly it was. However, she was definitely sure she did not have a dirty dream...

She seemed to recall something and said, "This is called the morning erection! It's definitely not caused by a dirty dream!"

Di Fuyi looked at her strangely again, "I see. You know quite a lot ,huh!? Dont you? You even know what a morning erection is, interesting!"

Of course, she was as good as a biologist, she knew a lot of things about the male and female anatomy.

She just did not expect a man like Di Fuyi would have such a common physical reaction like average men did...

Initially, she respected him as a god on an altar.

"I just didnt expect you, to be like this." Gu Xijiu shook her head.

Di Fuyi continued to look at her and suddenly laughed. His laughter sounded dangerous, "Xijiu, you aren't aware that I'm a man?"

He had already gotten down from the bed when he said that and then sat on her bed, where he was so close to her.

He aura was too strong, hence, Gu Xijiu naturally moved slightly further away. She coughed, "I I see you as a God."

She got up and felt that organ was tensed and hot as she could feel it expanding...

She did not dare to remove the blanket or get down from the bed anymore!

Di Fuyi placed his arm on the bed to support his body and lied to her, he smiled, "Are you shy?"

He almost blew his breath on her ear. Apparently, he was trying to tease her.

Gu Xijiu screamed and quickly got up. Di Fuyi was addicted to teasing her as he leaned straight on her shoulder and blew hot air into her ear, "Look, sweetheart, you've made my ear red!"